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Ink It


Alcon heavily markets their Water Gradient Technology with DT1. The thickness of this Water Gradient Technology is how thick? What can this be compared to?

What is 6 Microns

Dust Mike Feces = 10 microns, 1 human hair = 60


Features and Benefits of Kirkland PL when discussing with Costco ECP

Feature: Box with your brand.....Benefit customer knows they are getting the best quality product. Also a retention benefit when the patient runs out of lenses they will need to return to Costco.

Feature: 180 pack...Benefit customer will purchase more helping your optical manager reach their sales goals. 

Feature 180 pack...Benefit, studies show that when patients have more lenses on hand they are more likely to stay compliant. This will also help you with retention.


My patients cant afford 1 days

What is, share FRP to 1-day upgrade presentation in Showpad and pencil sell the difference


Using Einstien, show where to find total number of multifocal boxes purchased by a specific account "Quarter to Date Qty"


BP Review Dashboard

Change Filter from "Amount" to "Quantity"

Scroll Down to Multifocal and Total


FRP to 1 Day upgrade. Show the math and share the tool from Showpad

6092 clariti slip sheet_REV editable

Switch FRP wearers to clariti 7724A


What is the water content of MyDay?



What is the DK/t of clariti



The Diameter of Biofinity.

What is 14.0


Starts Stable, 100% are within 10 degrees or less in 3 minutes

What is clariti Toric


Dailies Total 1 has a class I or class II UV protection?

What is neither. DT1 does not have UV protection.


Features and Benefits of Energys

Feature: Digital Zone Optics

Benefit: Can help with ciliary muscle fatigue which can lead to a more enjoyable wearing experience, especially at the end of the day.

Feature: Aspheric Optics

Benefit: Crisper optics and happier patients


Costco Dr. says "kirkland is too expensive"

Share 8055 Kirkland Cost Comparison Sell Sheet

Point out savings on 1/2 year supply vs price competition has to pay for 1/2 year


Where is the world do you find (using Einstein) performance of Biofinity Toric


Territory Analyzer

Sort by Rep by Product Type

Scroll to correct line


MyDay 180 vs Moist... Share: 

The math, 

A tool from Showpad to reinforce message and 

Give 2 benefits why an ECP should consider an upgrade from 1-Day Moist to MyDay 180

What is....great job!


Spherical Power Rangers of MyDay

What is +8.00D to -12.00D


0.5 Represents what for clariti Sphere?

What is Modulus


DK/t for Energys and Biofinity Sphere

What is 160


When fitting clariti Toric how many patients out of 10 will experience optimum corneal coverage?

What is 8


Vistakon owns Sightbox which sends referrals to participating ECPs. Pro is ECPs get referrals the con is the ECP gets no revenue for the sales of the contact lenses. How many referrals have your private ECPs received from Sightbox, as many as Wal-Mart?

What is....No!


Features and Benefits of MyDay Toric

Feature: Uniform Horizontal ISO Thickness

Benefit: Improves centration and stability by reducing lens rotation. 

Feature: Most stable, predictable toric lens on the market

Benefit: Less chair time. Give ECP ability to see more patients in a day 


I can't compete with Costco


Pencil sell MyDay vs Kirkland annual supply and clariti...

Be aware of what competition is selling their boxes for 


Using Einstein, where in the world do you find the most current 50/50 by 2020 mix?


50/50 by 2020

Summary to find Q1, Q2 and Prior Year Mixes


Pencil sell to a Vision Source OD why replacing 23 boxes of Dailies AC+ purchased at $30/box with 200 boxes of Freshday might make sense. 

Credit = 23 boxes x $30/box = $690

Total Investment = 200 boxes x $28/box = $5,600 - $690 credit = $4,910

Net down per box = $24.55/box

Profit/box = $35.45 x 4 = $141.80 ($60/box price)

Total profit for 200 boxes = $7,090


It is the technology behind MyDay

What is Smart Silicone chemistry


somofilcon B is the material used for clariti

what is false. Somofilcon A is the material used for clariti


The extended length BFS can be worn as per FDA

What is extended wear up to six nights/seven days


Reasons why MyDay Toric and Biofinity Toric are considered the best toric lenses on the market.

What are:


Quick Rotation

Excellent Acuity



Ultra for Astigmatism has gained some fits lately from BFT. According to a comfort study BFT was preferred for overall comfort by a margin of ___ to ____

What is 3 to 1


clariti sphere pricing

Feature: Low cost

Benefit: Able to sell an annual supply keeping patients out of the buying market.

Benefit: Leave patients with the ability to purchase sunglasses too

Benefit: Increase patient retention


I'm a member of PERC and want to continue to fit their elite vendors

What is... Ask "Why is it important to you to fit the elite vendors?" "What do they offer you CooperVision isnt?"

Share nothing has changed as far as pricing, rebates or support. In fact, rebate potential is much greater with CooperVision (Escalator)


Where in the world do you find clariti challenge enrollments using Einstein?


Programs Dashboard

Filter under "Program Name" to 2019 Challenge clariti 1D


Using the prices from the Comparison of 1-Day Sphere Contact Lenses form in Showpad pencil sell clariti vs DT!

Show difference in COGs and Revenue for annual supply

clariti Cost $42.50/box x 8 boxes = $340 COGs

DT1 Cost $69.55/box x 8 boxes = $556.40 GOGs

clariti Revenue $60/box price - $42.50/box cost = $15.70 x 8 = $125.60 Revenue for Annual

DT1 Revenue $105/box price - $69.55/box cost = $35.45 x 8 = 283.60 Revenue for Annual


An office purchased 100 boxes of MyDay Sphere for $49/box (90 packs). They sell MyDay Sphere for $90/box (90 pack). 

What is the COGs for MyDay, the total revenue for MyDay, COG benefits of MyDay over DT1 and revenue benefit of MyDay over DT1? (Use PERC inventory pricing for DT1)

COGs MyDay = $4,900

Total Revenue of MyDay = $4,100

COGs benefit for MyDay is a decrease in bill by $

Revenue benefit for MyDay is increase in revenue by $


$10K V1 lock-ins for Sphere, Toric and MF (standard V1)

What are: 

$35 sphere

$52 Toric

$57 MF


Easiest way to upgrade a patient from BFS to Energys

What is, remove BFS fit set


According to a new study and found in Allego the percent that find clariti Toric comfortable

What is 86%


Biotrue ONEday Sphere: 

Water content

DK and DK/t

% Silicone

What are:





What are the benefits of Kirkland to a private practice ECP

Feature: Same lens different box

Benefit: Savvy ECPs will use this to their advantage and sell the fact that Costco uses only the best for the Kirkland name. PECPs are compete and beat Kirkland pricing.

Feature: Kirkland is not marketed as MyDay

Benefit: Makes it much more difficult to shop for MyDay at Costco.


I cant grow that much to achieve my Escalator rebate

What is.. gain understanding why they believe that

If possible get ABB report to find where areas of growth might be

Increased focus on Toric and MF lenses

Break goals down to number of patient fits needed per Quarter, Month and Week


Where in the world to you find the Top to Bottom report using Einstein sorted by YTD Var?


Territory Analyzer

Scroll down to "Accounts" 

Select Heading "YTD Var"


Cost and total revenue for a Vision Source OD who purchases 100 boxes of Aquaclear and 100 boxes of Freshday. 

Use standard bulk pricing and sales prices of Aquaclear = $60/box and Freshday $65/box

Aquaclear $22/box x 100 boxes = $2,200 

Freshday $29/box x 100 boxes = $2,900 

Total cost = $5,100


Aquaclear $60 - $22 = $38 profit per box $3,800 Freshday $65 - $29 = $36 profit per box $3,600 Total Revenue = $7,400


4 reason why MyDay is patient preferred over 1-Day Acuvue Moist from CooperVision clinical results

What are:

Comfort, Handling, Dryness and Overall Experience


clariti 1-Day Toric Parameters as per CooperVision 1-Day Contact Lenses Product Specifications form

Power Range:

Cylinder Power:


What are

Plano to -9.00D (0.50 steps after -6.00D) +0.25D to +4.00D (0.25D steps) in -0.75, -1.25, -1.75 cyl

Plano to -9.00D (0.50 steps after -6.00D) -2.25 cyl

Cylinder Powers: -0.75, -1.25, -1.75 and -2.25

Axis: 10, 20, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 160, 170, 180 degrees at -0.75, -1.25 and -1.75 cyl

10, 20, 90, 160, 170, 180 degrees at -2.25 cyl


Give 3 Reasons why Biofinity can be a great product in dry climates and for dry eye patients

Aquaform Technology

Silicone was re-engineered to be hydrophillic vs hydrophobic. Same water content at beginning and end of day. 

3rd Generations SiHy

High water content at 48%


MSRP of the following Toric lenses according to the Comparison of 1-Day Toric Contact Lenses    MyDay


1-Day Moist for Astig.

1-Day Oasys for Astig.

Biotrue ONEday

MyDay - $99.00

clariti - $79.00

1-Day Moist for Astig. - $87.50

1-Day Oasys for Astig (3 90 packs) - $117.00

Biotrue ONEday - $78.00