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If you were a monster on vacation, you would probably stay at this place.

What is Hotel Transylvania?


You can cook me over an outside fire. I require three ingredients graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow. 

What is a s'more?


In this game, players run around to try to avoid (or keep themselves from) getting touched by another player. 

What is Tag? 


Add the number of wheels on a bicycle to the number of tires on a car. What sum (or answer) do you get?

What is 6?


Which alphabet letters are not consonants: q, u, w, v, a?

What is the letter "a" and the letter "u"?


In this movie there are two sisters. One sister sings a song that begins with the words "The snow glows bright on the mountain tonight..."

What is Frozen?


What popular drink is made from a yellow fruit that grows on trees? The drink can be yellow or pink, is sweet, and often enjoyed on hot summer days.

What is lemonade? 


You will need to know your numbers and be able to jump on on one foot to play this game that is often drawn on the concrete or blacktop with chalk. 

What is Hopscotch? 


While driving on a trip, we drove 80 miles on Monday and 50 miles on Tuesday. How many miles did we drive altogether? 

What is 130 miles? 

Which ocean is the largest in the world: the Artic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, or Atlantic Ocean?

What is the Pacific Ocean?


In this movie, there is a family member who no one "talks about," a sister who is the "strong one," and a main character who does not have a magical gift.

What is Encanto? 


You often pair me (or eat me with) cereal or sweet treats like cookies, brownies, donuts, or cookies. What am I?

What is milk?


Listen carefully during this game. When this guy tells you to do something you do it because he says so. If he doesn't say to do something you are out. 

What is Simon Says? 


I have 8 sides, 8 corners, and you see me on a stop sign. What shape am I? 

What is an octagon?


If put in ABC order, which of these fruits would come first: watermelon, peach, raspberry, or kiwi?

What is a kiwi?


In this movie, the emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust help a girl named Riley as she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. 

What is Inside Out? 


I am one fruit, but I come in many colors like green, red, and yellow. I also have many names like Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and Golden. You may find me in the store, on a tree, or on your teacher's desk. What am I?

What is an apple?


The name of this game tells you all need to know to play the game. Most of the players (in this game) do one secretive action while one player searches for them. 

What is Hide and Seek? 


Think about odd numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. When written (or spelled), each of these numbers shares a single letter.

What is the letter "e"?


Which of the following vegetables is a compound word: cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, or carrot. 

What is an eggplant?


In this movie, a bunny from a small farm moves to the big city, befriends a fox, and becomes a police officer. 

What is Zootopia? 


I am the main ingredient in these 3 foods: spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, fettuccine, and lasagna.

What is pasta? What is sauce?


You won't need any real birds to play this game. It is name after two avian (flying) animals. 

What is Duck-Duck Goose? 

Skip count by twos up to 10. Take the numbers you said while skip counting, add them together, and find the sum. 

What is 30?


Name three states in the United States.

Various answers. 

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