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This is not permitted during groups and should take place at your home so that you are rested. 

What is sleeping 


This group allows you to express yourself in a fun and sometimes fictional way using words.

What is Creative Writing


Looking at a person when they are speaking to you 

What is eye contact 


This is something that I can always do when I feel anxious, I always have this available...This is free...sometimes you count while doing this. 

What is deep breathing 

These are very important for your own benefit and others...such as showering, wearing clean clothes, wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth or dentures, washing your hair. 

What is good personal hygiene


If this is a necessity during group, you should step out and do this in the hallway. 

Phone call in the hallway or lobby.


This group allows you to express your personal interests and feelings in a way that does not use words.

What is Let's Make Art


To not make negative comments about someone who may differ from me or make different choices than me. 

What is being respectful of others beliefs, sexual orientation, race, religion, preferences, age, gender idenity and pronoun preference. 


These are some tools I can use to help me relax and calm down to feel better. 

What is coloring, music, art, writing, journaling 


This is considered hurtful and unproductive, sometimes this occurs outside of groups and should be stopped

What is gossiping and talking about others


Two things that are prohibitted from doing inside the building. 

Vaping or smoking


This group allows you to travel and explore customs of other countries, such as food, superstitions and fun. 

What is Around the World in 8 weeks. 


This may happen when you express your feelings while honoring your own boundaries respectfully to others.

What is being assertive and speaking up for yourself.

These activities assist with improving physical and mental health

What is exercise, walking, riding a bike, dance, yoga, zumba, meditation, eating healthy...


This is extremely important and emphasizes the concept of what is said in group stays in group. 

What is confidentiality


This is not acceptable to ask for from others. 

What is asking for money, cigarettes, vapes, food or any other personal items. 


This group helps you to expand your culinary abilities, confidence and knowledge. 

What is Cooking group


The ability to pay close attention to a person who is communicating with you.

What is Active Listening 


These are examples of mindfulness techniques that can assist you with feeling better. 

What is journaling and meditation.


I'm bored or not interested in my group, this is something I should not be doing to entertain myself

What is being on my cellphone, videogames, shopping, watching videos, sleeping, social media...


This should be consistent and is expected in all psych rehab groups.

What is attendance and participation


This group helps you to engage, laugh, and interact while having some fun with peers. 

What is Fun and Games


The ability to understand and identify with the feelings of another person.

What is Empathy


This can help you to enjoy calm and solitude outside of your normal surrounding. 

What is spending time in nature or outdoors. 


This should happen before you are leaving group, this is NOT the responsibility of staff or the cleaning crew.

What is cleaning up after yourself and the space you were in.