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Final Jeopardy

This opposition leader fell unconscious and died on Friday after a walk at a penal colony where he was serving a three-decade sentence, authorities said.

Who is Alexei Navalny?


This country has again vetoed a draft UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Israel’s war on Gaza, prompting widespread criticism from rivals and allies alike.

What is the United States?


Tens of thousands of demonstrators cloaked in pink marched through cities in this country and abroad on Sunday in what they called a "march for democracy" targeting the country's ruling party in advance of the country's June 2 elections.

This country has agreed with the country's largest remaining armed rebel group to extend a landmark truce deal that expired last week. The government said on Tuesday that it has agreed to extend the suspension of conflict by six months. The deal offers further hope of an end to decades of violence.

What is MexiColombia?


This activist has made his final legal attempt to be allowed to appeal his extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States where he is wanted on spying charges.

Who is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? 


Two major political parties in this country that are rivals of a jailed ex-PM have agreed to a coalition and say they’re ready to form a government, after elections overshadowed by allegations of vote-rigging.

What is Pakistan? 


This country has accused Israel of being behind two attacks last week on gas pipelines that disrupted supplies in several provinces, further raising tensions between the regional archenemies amid the war on Gaza.

What is Iran? 


Thousands of farmers from across this country descended on the country's capital on Tuesday, parking tractors in front of parliament in their biggest protest yet over rising costs. The farmers dealing with high energy prices and production costs say they have also been hurt by climate change-driven weather, with unpredictable flooding, extreme heat and wildfires making their work ever more hazardous.

What is Greece?


Neighboring countries are backing this president as its diplomatic row with Israel escalated after he accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, comparing its actions with the Holocaust.

Who is Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva?


Surgeries have been delayed and hospitals have turned away patients after more than 1,600 doctors in this country went on strike on Tuesday. The junior doctors are protesting the government's plans to introduce more trained physicians into the system. 

What is South Korea? 


A judge in this country investigating the 2021 assassination of the country's former president has charged his widow, the former prime minister and an ex-chief of police with complicity in the killing.

What is Haiti? 


The parliament in this country has approved a major defense agreement with Turkey. Under the ten-year deal, Turkey will arm and train the country's navy forces and deploy its own ships in the country's waters.

What is Somalia?