Central Ideas
Supporting Details

Dogs are only able to see certain colors. This is because the color receptors in their eyes called cones, are missing the red cone, which makes them unable to see red.

What is dogs are only able to see certain colors?


What would be a supporting detail for this main idea: Musical instruments can be very expensive.

  1. Some guitars cost over two hundred dollars.

  2. I made a lot of money washing cars yesterday.

  3. Playing the piano takes a lot of practice.

  4. The drummer’s job is to keep the beat.

What is Some guitars cost over two hundred dollars?


A brief, objective, restatement of the text in your own words

What is a summary?


The main point of an informative text

What is central idea?


True or False: The central idea is not always stated clearly in the passage

What is true?


There is a village on an island near Scotland.  It was built out of stone. A storm covered the village in sand 4,000 years ago. It stayed covered until 1851. Then another storm blew the sand away.

What is storms covered a stone village on an island near Scotland? 


What would be a supporting detail for this main idea: Drinking plenty of water will help your body stay healthy.

  1. Without enough water, you may get headaches.

  2. Over 75% of Earth is covered in water.

  3. Some people like to drink ice water.

  4. Fish use water to get oxygen.

What is Without enough water, you may get headaches?


True or false: You should include your opinions, beliefs, or judgements in a summary.

What is false?


A fact, reason, explanation, or other piece of information that helps explain the central idea

What is supporting detail?


True or False: The central idea is ALWAYS the first sentence of the paragraph.

What is false?


They are building a new school near my house. Every day I watch the workers drive huge tractors and push a ton of dirt. They have big cranes that help them place tall beams in the ground.

What is a new school is being built?


Dolphins are mammals that live in the ocean. Mammals are different than fi sh, reptiles or birds. As a mammal, dolphins breathe oxygen, even though they live in water. Because they are mammals, a dolphin mother gives birth to a live baby, unlike reptiles and birds who lay eggs. A dolphin mother also feeds her baby milk like other mammals. Name one detail that supports the main idea.

What is As a mammal, dolphins breathe oxygen, even though they live in water.?


Summaries should include the central idea, plus two _______________ details.

What is supporting?


Any text with the purpose of giving factual information

What is informative text?


True or False: Supporting details never tell you what the central idea is in a story or passage.

What is false?


Peter's parents bought a new carpet for the living room. Now, he has to take his shoes off when he enters the house.   He cant eat or drink in the living room either. There are lots of new rules for the new carpet.

What is there are new rules for the carpet?


What would be a supporting detail for this main idea: The Pizza Cottage is a very popular place to eat.

  1. You get free refills on your drinks.

  2. They don’t have enough tables for everyone.

  3. Their pepperoni pizza is really juicy.

  4. It is located right in the middle of town.

What is They don't have enough tables for everyone?


Lester was lost. He didn't know where he was, or how to get where he was going. He had left the directions at home and he didn't have a map. Now, he was in a strange neighborhood and he was confused. If he could find a familiar landmark, he might figure things out. Summarize the passage.

What is Lester was lost?


A brief restatement, in your own words, of the most important ideas of a text

What is summary?


Babies use both hands. But babies use one hand more than the other. This hand may become the preferred one. How can you tell? Lay a baby on its back. Notice which side the baby faces. If the baby looks to the right most of the time, it will probably be right-handed. What does it mean if the baby faces left more often? The baby will most likely be left-handed.

What is the main idea of the passage?

1. That there are more left-handed babies.

2. That babies use their hands for many things.

3. How to tell right from left handed babies.

What is How to tell right from left handed babies?


Mark has two different eye colors, but his classmates think that is weird. Mark believes that it's very unique to have them, so to help him stay positive, he simply ignores them. In his long 50 years of living, he learned many ways to help with kids who were bullied for the same reason as him. He has helped many kids feel accepted despite their difference.

What is Mark has helped many kids who were bullied?


What would be a supporting detail for this main idea: Fruit is a healthy snack.

  1. Apples grow on trees.

  2. My favorite fruit to eat is an orange.

  3. Grapes are good for your heart.

  4. You should peel a banana before you eat it.

What is Grapes are good for your heart?


Many people buy lottery tickets, but not many win. Even fewer give away their prize. Paul Sherman, a fast food assistant manager, won $10,000 in the state lottery and decided to give the money to a youth club. The club's director could not believe Paul's generosity. Paul didn't think it was any big deal. "The kids need it more than I do," he said. Summarize the passage.

What is a man won the lottery and gave the money away?


Without opinion, belief, or judgement

What is objective?


What is the central idea?

Mary has a new pet.  Her pet is a baby kitten.  It is soft and cuddly.  The kitten likes to sleep a lot.  Mary put a soft blanket in a box for its bed.  Mary plays with her kitten when it is awake.  She never forgets to feed her kitten.

What is Mary’s new pet is a kitten?