Nursing Interventions

A sudden disruption of blood flow to the brain that impairs neurological function.

What is a stroke?


survey used to assess severity CVA

What is NIHSS?

the higher the score the more severe the stroke is.


untreated A-fib increased the likelihood a client can experience

What is an ischemic stroke


This acronym is used to teach clinical staff and provide patient education to recognize clinical symptoms of a stroke

What is F.A.S.T?

* bonus Please explain the acronym and what it stands for


a class of medication used for stroke prevention

What are anticoagulants?


Caused by a thrombus or emboli that occludes cerebral blood flow

What is an ischemic stroke?


the term for the inability to express one's self and the area most likely affected causing this condition

What is aphasia and Broca area?


s/s of ischemic stroke

What is numbness or weakness of the face, arm, and or leg that is usually one-sided? What is changes in mental status, difficulty speaking or understanding speech (aphasia).


The ED nurse prepares a client with s/s of CVA for this diagnostic test

What is a CT scan?

*further workup such as EKG and Carotid US are standard per class text 


to decrease ICP the neurology nurse would expect to administer this diuretic 

What is an osmotic diuretic (mannitol)?


The leading risk factor for stroke

What is chronic hypertension?


The student understands there are two forms of hemorrhagic strokes

What are intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage? 


abuse of this illicit drug increases chance of an ischemic stroke

What is cocaine abuse?

med-surg pg. 2010


the nurse understands it is inappropriate lie a patient flat that has increased ICP. The nurse knows to...

What is Elevate the head of the bed to a 30 degree angle?

* elevate head of the bed


These medications are helpful with the management of post-stroke pain. Name four

What are Lyrica, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin (Neurontin), Lamtical (lamotrigine) 


The majority occur in the Circle of Willis, it is known as the Silent Killer

What is a cerebral aneurysm? 


the nurse expects to hear what subjective data from a patient experiencing a SAH (aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage)

What is a severe headache "worst headache of my life"


These are modifiable risk factors 

What is treating hypertension, healthy diet, and smoking cessation?


a patient had a left sided CVA has homonymous hemianopsia, the nurse will implement which action 

What is place objections in intact field of vision; place objects on left side 

*table 67-2


a nurse monitoring for adverse reactions to anticoagulants 

What is the nurse monitor for s/s of: alopecia (hair loss), GI upset, bone marrow depression, and rash

*Lippincott CoursePoint for Karch's Focus on Nursing Pharmacology pg. 846


After a frustrating class, a 6th-grade female instructor c/o dizziness, headache, and right arm weakness. The school nurse recommends she go to the ER. Once there, the instructor's symptoms have resolved. Explain what happened.

What is a TIA (transient ischemia attack)?


When caring for a male pediatric client post-operative for a craniotomy to relieve pressure from cerebral edema as a result of a hemorrhagic stroke the nurse will immediately...

What is Perform a neurological assessment every 15-30 minutes?


to ensure adequate cerebral perfusion the nurse would be sure to monitor ____ when taking blood pressure

What is Mean Arterial Pressure?

*70 mm hg to 150 mmHg to ensure adequate perfusion


After a patient's stroke has stabilized for this long, the interprofessional care would switch from preserving life to lessening disability and attaining optimal functioning

What is 12 to 24 hours?


this medication can be used to limit the extent of secondary brain damage caused by a stroke and revitalize the penumbra area.

What is t-PA (tissue plasminogen activator)

*med-surg pg. 2011

the goal is to administer the medication with 60 minutes of patient arriving to ED, may be given between 3 to up 4.5 hours after onset of symptoms. Some institutions may allow administration up to 6 hours.