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Evolutionary Psychology

What is Baars's Global Workspace Model? 

Consciousness highlights certain parts of memory that are viewable by other processes 

E.g: If we become aware of a yellow shirt, it will stay there and then after being reminded of it, it is sitting in the cortex 

What is false memory? Please give an example

When people remember events differently from how they actually happened

e.g Seeing Bugs Bunny at Disney World


What is P600 used for?

For syntactic violations and for chord violations 

What happens in the mind when things are easy to understand?

It takes less cognitive processing 

When does evolution occur?

Hint: There are 3 things that have to exist beforehand 

1. Generation of diversity (mutation, crossover)

2. Selective reproduction 

3. Transmitted change (Genetic, taught, imitated)


Why can we have a full conversation with someone while walking?

Because walking is automatized


What are the 3 concepts needed in Human-Computer Interaction? 

Hint: (U, U, L)

Usefulness: How effective is the computer/software at what it is supposed to do?

Usability: How easy is the software to use?

Learnability: How easy is it to learn how to use the software? 


Sad music consists of what?

Sad lyrics, low pitches, slow tempo, minor key 


What is a feature of America's most wanted painting that every culture wants in a painting? 

Blue landscapes, people, animals 


State the definition of evolutionary psychology.

Explaining psychological traits as evolutionary adaptations

Adaptationism: theorizing aboutevolutionary causes for phenotypes


What is the difference between being conscious of something and being conscious of self?

Something: Paying attention to something but not conscious of anything else 

Self: Awareness of what is doing the action or having the experience 


What is the point of "expert systems" in medicine and AI?

The expert systems are AI's intended to mimic the behaviour of human experts for the diagnosis of patients. 


A group of people are dancing to the macarena. In music, this is seen as... 

Social bonding 


Why is patterns so important for humans?

Because we respond with pleasure to find patterns because it is what it takes to survive in the world 


In terms of evolution, what do we tend to remember more?

Things for survival (e.g food)


What is the Chinese Room Experiment?

This can be defined in many ways. 


What is George Lakoff's popular theory? Please give an example 

We think about abstract concepts as metaphors with more basic concepts 

E.g: Love is a journey characterized by "the relationship was not going anywhere". 


Music involves many aspects of cognition. What are the 3 biggest aspects of cognition involved with music?

Perception, creativity and emotion


What is the "sweet spot" regarding patterns?

Tantalizing, hinting at hidden patterns that we could find. Too much patterns and too much incongruity bores us 


According to the perspective of evolutionary psychology, the mind is a collect of...

Special-purpose mechanisms for dealing with specific kinds of problems 


What are the 4 consciousness disorders? If you can explain them, you get 200 bonus points! 

1. Blindsight: Ability to guess aspects of visual stimuli in the absence of perception 

2. Hemisphere neglect: Damage to the brain causing a deficit of awareness of one side 

3. Severed corpus callosum: Split brain

4. Thought alienation: Believing that the thoughts in your head are not your own 


What does John Watson say about AI playing chess?

"They make a lot of counterintuitive, even absurd-looking moves that on closer inspection can turn out to be outrageously creative...By generating countless new ideas, they are expanding the boundaries of chess, enabling top players to study the game more deeply, and play more subtly."


Describe Steven Pinker's "Auditory Cheesecake" view on music. 

You like cheesecake but you didn’t evolve to like it; our liking of music is like liking cheesecake 


Name the 5 concepts of the compellingness theory.

1. Social status 

2. Hope and fear 

3. Patterns 

4. Resolve contradictions 

5. Biological natures and psychological biases 


What are some neoteny features in humans? Name 2.

Small jaw, upright posture, big head, less developmental change, less aggressive and sexual & natural selection 

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