Speaking basics (Ch. 1 & 3)
Research + Listening (4 & 7)
Ethics (Ch. 2)
Team & informative (Ch. 12 & 14)
Speaker & Audience (Ch. 5 & 6)

Chapter 1 term for the process whereby one individual stimulates meaning in the mind of another through verbal and/or nonverbal means. 

What is communication?


Chapter 7 term that examines the year a source was published and how that might impact its relevance

What is recency?


Persuasive appeal: HuiDi is trying to convince Robert to go to a party tonight, but Robert is feeling hesitant because it’s a weekday. HuiDi says, “Studies show students do better on their assignments and exams when they take a break to socialize for at least an hour!”

What is logos?

Ch. 14 term for when one or more team members is slacking off and expecting others to pick up the slack

What is social loafing?


Ch. 5 term for the people who show up to class on your presentation day. 

What is your literal audience?


Chapter 1 communication model term for when thoughts and feelings are getting in the way of efficiently receiving communication.

What is internal noise?


Chapter 7 term for going to the OG source to make sure a fact or statistic is true.

What is verification? 


Aspect of ethical situations: Grace told her friend Raegan that she would go to her birthday dinner, but after committing she got invited to a party that sounds like more fun. She decided to that being a good friend means she has a duty to go to Raegan’s birthday dinner.

What is relationship?


Chapter 14 term for coming to a group decision without using critical thinking.

What is groupthink? 


The credibility that has to do with a person's background not their speech

What is initial credibility?


Chapter 3 cause of dispositional communication apprehension when you expect things to go a very particular way.

What are rigid rules?


Chapter 4 term: form of feedback that listeners engage in to let the speaker know that they are paying attention

What is backchanneling?


The aspect of ethical listening: "Emily is such a compelling speaker that when she tells the class that “people who take tests without studying tend to get higher grades,” everyone takes her for her word and believes it. No one questions it, even though she doesn’t give evidence."

What is ethical listening is critical? 


Ch. 12: The choosing a topic rule broken by a broad or large topic like "how to be healthy"

What is picking a manageable topic? 


The background of your audience that has to do with attitudes and values.

What is a psychographic profile?


Chapter 1 Communication Model term for having a hard time coming up with words to express how one is feeling.

What is an encoding problem?


Chapter 4 aspect of listening where you decifer the meaning of the message in the context of verbals and nonverbals.

What is understanding? 


Ethical framework: Julius is deciding whether to tell Matthew McConaughey that there is something in his teeth. Julius thinks, “I am an honest person and value integrity; therefore, I must tell him.”

What is virtue ethics?


Chapter 12 term for focusing on what statistic was used, if you said the year, and using professional language during a speech.

What is message-focus/ message-centered delivery?


The part of AUDIENCE analysis (ch. 5) that has to do with who will be in the audience. 

What is analysis?

Chapter 3 reinforcement explanation for communication apprehension where similar actions often result in unpredictable outcomes. 

What is learned helplessness? 


Chapter 4 strategy for becoming a better listener that asks, "What's in it for me?"

What is being a selfish listener?


Ethical framework: "A random UT student decided to leave their Chick-fil-a trash on the table after they finish eating in the Union. Zane goes up to them and asks, 'What if everyone did that? It would be a mess in here!'”

What is Kantian ethics?


Ch. 14: An alternative to brainstorming that protects against groupthink 

What is the nominal group technique?

Ch. 5 aspect of a situational analysis that has to do with how long you should speak for.

What is technical logistics?

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