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Final Jeopardy

Many people ______________ to the United States each year. 

Why would they choose to do this?

Many people immigrated to the United States each year. 

People choose to immigrate here because of how diverse we are and we are accepting of all backgrounds and ways of life.


The United States government is based on the ______________. 


What is the meaning of an economy?  

What type of economy does the U.S. have? Explain what this is.

An economy is the buying, selling, and producing of goods that people do. 

The U.S. has a free market economy. This means that the government has very little control.


What is the motto for our country? What does it mean?

"Out of Many, One" 

This means that despite America being one country in itself, we contain many different types of people.


The three branches of government are _____________, ______________, and _____________.

What is the job of each of these branches?

The three branches of government are legislative, judicial and executive. 

The legislative branch makes the laws. 

The judicial branch makes sure the laws agree with the constitution. 

The executive branch carries out the laws that Congress makes. 


_______________________ is where people manage or own the resources that people may need in the Free Market Economy. 

What are the 3 types of resources?

Factors of Production 

The three types of resources are natural, capital, and human.


Americans now live in ______________ areas, which is a town near a larger city. 

Why do Americans mostly live in these types of areas?

Americans now live in suburban areas. 

Americans need to live near a city to have access to work. 


Decisions for the government are made by _______________. 

Why do we use this in our government?

Decisions are made by majority rule in our government, where the most votes wins. 

The government is a democracy, which means that the people elect government officials. Majority rules makes the election fair and balanced by stating the most votes wins.


What is supply and demand?

Supply is the amount of a product or service available and demand is the amount of product or service that people want or are willing to pay for. 

The Eagle, Liberty Bell, American Flag, and Statue of Liberty are all symbols of __________________.

What do all of these symbols have in common?


Each of these symbols show love for our country.


What is the job of checks and balances?

Checks and balances provides ways for each branch to limit, or check, the power of the other branches


What is a trade-off and opportunity cost? 

Provide an example.

A trade-off is when you give up one thing to buy another. An opportunity cost is when you do not buy something and save it for later when you can afford it. 

An example: Oliver, the cat, wants to buy one order of sushi for $20, but one can of tuna costs $2. So, he can purchase 10 cans of tuna, which is larger than one small order of expensive sushi. So, the trade-off is the 1 order of sushi and the opportunity coast is the 10 cans of tuna.


The main idea for this chapter is that the United States is a diverse nation. Write at least 3 points for each detail that support this main idea.

People:  America attracts people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions to live in one country. The people in America all share love for the country through patriotism. The people in America used to live in rural areas, but now they can live in suburban or urban areas. 

Government:  The U.S. has a democracy, where the people can elect officials in office. Officials are elected through majority rules. The government is fair and balanced through checks and balances. 

Economy: The U.S. has a free market economy, which means that the government has little control. The economy functions through the manufacturing of many types of products. The country mostly provides service industries, where people are paid to do things for other people in the community.

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