Declaration of Independence
Early Fighting
Important Battles
End of War
Main Effects
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
What was the first battle of the War for Independence?
Battle of Lexington and Concord
True or False: When George Washington and his men crossed the Deleware River just before the Battle of Trenton, they crossed a long stretch of river that appeared as if they had to cross the middle of an ocean.
False: the part of the River Washington and his men crossed was much smaller in size.
What was the name of the final major battle of the war?
Battle of Yorktown
How did geography give a huge advantage to the Americans?
"Homefield advantage"- the Americans knew the land and terrain much better than the British did.
What was the name of the pamphlet that strongly influenced the creation of the Declaration of Independence?
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
What was the second major battle of the War for Independence, one where solders were told to "wait to shoot until you can see the whites in their eyes."? The Americans would end up losing this battle.
Battle of Bunker Hill.
On Christmas of 1776, George Washington and his men were able to stage a surprise attack on the British. What was the name of this battle?
Battle of Trenton
How long after the Battle of Yorktown did the war last until a peace treaty was signed?
2 years (Battle of Yorktown=1781; treaty signed 1783)
Which side had a stronger cause to fight for?
The American side because they wanted to fight to create a new country; the British fought to "preserve the empire".
In the Declaration, there is a section that lists all of the reasons that the Continental Congress wished to declare independence from Britain. What was this section called?
The list of grievences
How did the Declaration of Independence change the American motivation for fighting the war?
Americans were now fighting to create a new country, a cause that was very worthy to fight for.
Which battle (which took place in 1777) was considered most important in the war? (hint: the Americans won this battle, and it convinced the French to enter the war on the American side)
The Battle of Saratoga
What was the name of the treaty that both the United States and Britain signed that gave the U.S. independence from Britain?
Treaty of Paris, 1783
One reason why the Americans were able to win the war was because of the military leadership of their officers. Name one such officer.
There were many, but the BIGGEST name to remember is George Washington.
Summarize the Declaration of Independence as best as you can.
Answers vary. (think back to your text messages)
Why might American soldiers have been told in the Battle of Bunker Hill to "hold your fire until you can see the whites in their eyes?"
The Americans were low on ammunition, so they were told to fire as little ammo as possible.
What was the role of women in the war?
Take care of the farms/ businesses while men were away fighting
What was the name given to the hit-and- run style of fighting that some Americans used?
Guerrilla warefare
In addition to the French providing military support to the Americans, there were two other European countries that helped to supply the American side with economic ($$$) support. Name ONE of them
Spain, the Netherlands
Name one other movement that the words of the Declaration of Independence inspired?
women's rights, civil rights, French Revolution, Freedom movement in Vietnam, etc.
What were the German mercenary soldiers that fought alongside the British called?
Hessian soldiers
How did African-American slaves feel about the war?
They supported the British more than the Americans. They thought that by supporting the British, they might have a better shot at achieving freedom from slavery.
What happened to the loyalists that remained in the United States?
They were forced to leave the new country. Many went to Canada or back to Britain.
In your opinion, what was the most important battle of the war for independence? Use specific evidence to support your answer.
Answer will vary.
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