Lesson 1- The Spanish Move North
Lesson 2- The French Explore the Mississippi
Lesson 3- The French and Indian War
Contributions of Famous People
What two groups did the Spanish fight in this chapter? Where did they fight them?
They fought the French in Florida. They fought the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico.
How did the French benefit from their relationship with the Native American's in their area?
They traded with them, learned how to make canoes and snowshoes, and learned about the Mississippi River.
What were the major effects of the French and Indian War?
The British won and gained control of French land east of the Mississippi. The Spanish gained French land west of the Mississippi. The traditional lands of Native American's now belonged to England and English colonists wanted to move there. France lost and only retained control of one American settlement.
Where was Pedro Mendenzez de Avilés from? What did he do?
He was from Spain. He drove the French out of Florida.

Wealthy Spanish ranchers built the large estates in New Mexico

What is a hacienda

Name the 3 Spanish cities we learned about in this chapter. What present day states were they in?
St. Augustine in Florida. Santa Fe in New Mexico. San Antonio in Texas.
Where were the majority of New France's Settlements before the exploration of the Mississippi River?
In present day Canada along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes.
Who was involved in the French and Indian War? What were they fighting over? What claim did they have it?
The French and their Indian allies versus the British and later the Iroquois. They were fighting over the Ohio River Valley. French claimed the tributaries of the Mississippi River, English colonists started settling there in search of fertile land, the Native American had ancestors living on the land for centuries.
Where was Popé from? What did he do?
He was a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico. He united the Pueblo people to drive the Spanish out of New Mexico.

Military forts built by the Spanish to protect their missions.

What is a presidio

What were the Spanish hoping to find in New Mexico? What did they actually find?
They wanted to find gold and silver. They actually found grassland that was good for sheet and cattle ranching.
Besides being explorers, what titles did Marquette and Jolliet hold?
Marquette was a missionary and Jolliet was a fur trader.
How were relationships between French settlers and the Native Americans they interacted with different than the relationships between the English settlers and the Native Americans they interacted with?
The French traded with, learned from, and lived in peace with them. This led Native Americans to gain them as allies. The British alienated them and kicked them off of their land. The Iroquois only became their allies after the British started winning battles because they hoped to maintain control of their lands.
Where was Hendrick from? What did he do?
He was an Iroquois leader from New England. He refused to join the English to fight against the French because he said they were ""quarreling about lands which belong to us, and their quarrel may end in our destruction."

Led by Pope, the Pueblos drove the Spanish out of new Mexico during this fight.

What is the Pueblo Revolt

Why did the Pueblo revolt? Why were the Spanish able to beat them and take back their lands 12 years later?
They were mad that the Spanish were enslaving them and forcing them to work on Haciendas and missions and sending others to Mexico. After Popé died, the Pueblo people weren't united enough to keep control.
Why was the Mississippi River important? Give at least 3 reasons.
It connected Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It was a huge river with many tributaries. It helped New Orleans become a busy trading center. Exploration of the river turned New France into a vast empire.
Compare and contrast King Philip's War with Pontiac's Rebellion.
England won both wars. Both wars had Native American's resisting English Settlement. KPW was led by Wampanoag Leader Metacom / PR was led by Ottawa leader Pontiac. KPW was fought in the New England colonies / PR was fought in the Ohio River Valley. PR had a positive result for the Native Americans.
Where was George Washington from? What were 3 major things he did during the time period?
He was from Virginia. He was a British military leader who built Fort Necessity, brought a letter to French demanding they leave the Ohio River Valley, built Fort Necessity, tried to attach Fort Duquesne, and surrendered to the French in a battle.

The French and Native Americans traded goods here.

What is a trading post

What was the main reason that Spain settled cities in Florida, Texas, and New Mexico?
They wanted to keep the French, English, and Native Americans from gaining control.
Compare and Contrast Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet's and Robert La Salle's explorations.
Both explored the Mississippi River in canoes. La Salle wanted to reach the mouth of the Mississippi River and Marquette and Jolliet wanted to find the Northwest Passage. La Salle claimed land, but Marquette and Jolliet didn't.
Compare and Contrast the French, English, and Native American claim on the Ohio River Valley?
French- The Ohio River was a Mississippi Tributary and LaSalle had claimed all of these tributaries when he explored the Mississippi River. English- Colonists had moved across the Appalachian Mountains in search of fertile land and had settled in the valley. Native Americans- Tribes had ancestors that had lived on the land for centuries.
Where was George III from? What did he do?
He was an English King. He issued the Proclamation of 1763 prohibiting colonists from settling in the Ohio River Valley.

This document made in 1763 stated that colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.

What is Proclamation of 1763.

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