Approaches to Fluency Development
Fostering Word Consciousness

The teacher (or other competent reader) at first takes the lead, reading in a strong voice, and then gradually reads more and more softly as the student takes primary responsibility

What is simultaneous repeated reading?


A disposition toward words that is both cognitive and affective.

What is word consciousness?


Refers to the well-rehearsed reading of scripts, with feeling and expression, in front of an audience (usually the class), but without memorizing of lines, costumes, and other features of a full-blown performance

What is readers theatre?


A student is interested in words, knows a lot of them, is on the lookout for new and precise words, and is responsive to the nuances of word meanings.

What is a word conscious student?


The student reads with another, better reader with the better reader tracking the print

What is neurological impress or echo reading?


A pair of students write the name of a word on the board and explains to the class what it means, why they selected it and how to use it in a sentence.

What is 'word of the day' activities?


More capable readers pair up with less capable peers and take turns reading to each other, with the stronger partner reading each passage first and the less strong reader following

What is partner reading?


A teacher models and encourages adept dictation, promotes wordplay such as rhymes and puns, uses wordplay books and plays word games.

What is various ways to develop and nurture positive attitudes towards words?


Teacher chooses a passage and reads it aloud as a model and then students read it aloud in unison several times.

What is choral reading?


A teacher deliberately uses and explains words that at least some of the students might not know yet.

What is modelling adept word usage?

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