The Sound of Christmas
Is It "Reel" Christmas
Oh Deer
Dressing Up The Holiday

Known for incessantly being played throughout the Christmas season, this song makes its artist roughly $2.5million per year

What is "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey?


Debatably more popular for the Christmas debate than the film itself, it'll leave you saying Yippie-Ki-Yay

What is "Die Hard"?


If you wake up in the middle of the night to see Santa, you may find his Reindeer here

What is the rooftop?


This not so secretive spy travels a long way from the North Pole every year to share a rhyme and watch over your children

What is "Elf On The Shelf"?


Reciting the lyrics of this song to someone trying to leave your house may get the cops called on you

What is "Baby It's Cold Outside"?


This film of mashed together holidays may make it hard to sleep peacefully on Christmas Eve

What is "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

In an attempt to make a Christmas pun when writing a letter to Santa, you may start the letter by saying this

What is "Deer" Santa?


These articles of clothing may catch on fire if you aren't careful, especially if Santa knows you've been bad

What are stockings?


The Superhero themed parody to this song may see your favorite sidekick laying an egg

What is "Jingle Bells"?


This follow-up film is the first in the MCU to be set during Christmas time

What is "Iron Man 3"


This reindeer, the 6th of Santa's 9, shares their name with a different holiday mascot

Who is Cupid?


These two parts of an edible Christmas decoration are a man and his house of flesh

What is a gingerbread man and gingerbread house?


After spending 8 days of Christmas with your true love, one may expect to receive this as a gift

What are 8 Maids a Milking?


If you watch this horror-comedy film past midnight, make sure to leave the popcorn in the kitchen and away from furry friends

What is "Gremlins"?


These 3 of Santa's 9 reindeer share the same first letter of their name

Who are Dasher, Dancer, and Donner?


The scientific name for this spit swapping plant is Phoradendron Seritinum

What is mistletoe?


On December 26th of last year you gave away this gift, that I gave you only one day prior

What is My Heart?


Despite having Christmas in the title, this horror film series is more focused on a Christmas stalker than Christmas stockings

What is "Black Christmas"?


After being ostracized by his fellow reindeer in the song of his own name, this causes Rudolph to finally be needed by Santa

What is Foggy Christmas Eve Weather?


These shiny strips of plastic are used to reflect candles and mimic ice

What is tinsel?