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Which Cognitive Distortion?
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Which Cognitive Distortion?2
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Give an example of how you would explain to definition of "Labeling" to someone

Labeling is an extreme form of overgeneralization where instead of describing your negative error, you attach a label to yourself based on this error.


I should've done way better on that exam. I'm supposed to be smarter than this. I bet everyone else made a perfect score.



What are the 3 parts of the CBT triangle?





If my friend doesn't come to school today, I'm not going to class. There's no point.

Black or White Thinking 


Give an example of Mindreading

Thinking "they probably think my new glasses are so lame" after walking into a room of people.


Give an example of Forecasting while singing or dancing 

It's supposed to rainnn. This trip is not gonna be funnnnnnn.


I only won the prize because I got lucky. It doesn't really count. If more people participated, I definitely wouldn't have won.

Discounting the Positive 


What is this?

Irrational or inaccurate thoughts that stem from errors in out thought process. 

Cognitive Distortions 


I was late today and one day last week. I'm NEVER on time :(



Give an example of how you could reframe the thought:

"My dog got sick out of nowhere. I should've known this would happen. It's all my fault!"

I hate that my dog isn't feeling well. I'm not sure what happened, so I'll take him to the vet to figure out what's going on and to get him treated


Give an example of how you could reframe this distortion:

This is too difficult for me. I might as well just give up now and not try at all. 

This is probably gonna be hard for me. I'm still going to try my best and do what I can.


Even though most people in the class were sick, it's all my fault that the new girl caught the virus. We sit at the same table. 



True or False:

Our thoughts affect our feeling, but not our behaviors 


Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors all influence one another.


I am so tired that I can't move a muscle. There's no way I can get out of bed.



Give and example of Judging

"I've been at this school for two weeks. I should have wayyy more friends by now. Is something wrong with me?"


Give an example of Feelings are Facts 

I'm feeling a little scared to go and hang out with my new friends this weekend. This means I should just stay home and try again another time.


It's supposed to rain today. What if the rain turns into a hurricane, and my house gets destroyed, and our car gets swept away, and we no longer have a place to live, and nobody wants to help us out, and I lose all my friends, and I'm too sad to go to school, and I never graduate, and I never get to become a doctor, and I hate my life?



True or False.

Awareness is the first and key step to challenging thoughts that may be holding us back in different aspects of life.



If I walk through this alley, I'm gonna get mugged and robbed by somebody. I just know it.

Overestimating the Threat 


Choose a friend, and act out an example of Discounting the Positive 

Friend 1: "OMG, your hair looks so cool. I love your haircut!"

Friend 2: "Thanks!"

*to themself* "that doesn't mean anything. They're just being nice so I don't feel bad about my hair."


Give an example of the way you would explain the definition of Catastrophizing to someone.

Catastrophizing is a pattern of thinking that includes expecting disaster to strike no matter what.


It's my sister's fault I was late. She should've woken be up from my nap.



What are the 3 different types of triggers?

Social, Physical, and Mental


Today you got an A on a test, made a new friend, tripped in front of the class, did a fun activity in art, and made the debate team. 

Your thoughts: "I can't believe I tripped in front of everyone. I'm so embarrassed, and I can't wait for this day to be over. It's been terrible.

Mental Filtering


Give an example of how you could reframe the thought distortion:

"I'm feeling nervous about presenting my project in front of the class. This means it's not a good idea, and I shouldn't do it. I'll just take the F for this assignment."

"I'm feeling nervous about presenting my project in front of the class. Even though it's a little scary for me, I have been practicing and preparing, so I know I can do it."

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