Colonial Life
Key Names
The first attempt of an English settlement in the New World. Sometimes known as the “Lost Colony.”
What is the Roanoke Colony
People who agreed to work under contract for 4 to 7 years in return for trip payment to the New World. When contract ended, workers gained freedom to move.
Who are Indentured Servants?
This was the nickname for the farming of wheat, corn, and grain for profit that is generally associated with the Middle Colonies
What is Bread Basket Farming?
This is the type of government where elected officials make laws for its people.
What is Representative Democracy?
She was exiled from Massachusetts for challenging Puritan laws and practices... Representing the 1st female voice of discontent in Colonial America.
Who is Anne Hutchinson
The Colony established by Roger Williams which was based on Separation of Church and State.
What is Rhode Island
These were large production Cash Crop farms that resembled European Feudalism. Instead of landlocked serfs, these farms had African slaves.
What are Plantations?
The trade route between American colonies, Africa, and Europe that included crops, manufactured goods, and slaves; all for massive profits.
What is Triangular Trade?
Pilgrims signed this document while they sailed to the New World. It was an early form of representative government.
What is the Mayflower Compact?
He was a prominent Quaker who started a colony in America under the values of toleration.
Who is William Penn
The first successful English settlement. John Smith is credited with saving the colony through harsh methods of discipline and punishment.
What is Jamestown?
This group of religious settlers that wanted to “purify” the Anglican Church. Wanted to start “Holy City on the Hill” in the New World. Known for Theocratic government.
Who are the Puritans?
Nickname for the type of farming for profit that included tobacco, rice, indigo, and slave labor. Generally associated with Southern Colonies.
What is Cash Crop Farming?
This type of government is where the wealthy class rule. Generally associated with Southern Colonies
What is Aristocracy?
She was the daughter of Chief Powhattan, is rumored to have saved the life of Captain John Smith in Jamestown, and later married Captain John Rolfe.
Who is Pocahontas
Colony established by Quakers with the idea that all people were created equal.
What is Pennsylvania?
This religious movement in Europe was started by Martin Luther and split the Christian faith. This lead to many religious settlers in America.
What is the Protestant Reformation?
This colonial region had the most diverse economy. Included Bread Basket farms, busy trade harbors, fur trade, merchants, fisherman, lumber, and small farms.
What are the Middle Colonies?
This type of government is ruled by religious leaders and religious laws. Salem village was an example of a failed form of this type of government
What is Theocracy?
He started the Colony of Rhode Island after disagreeing with Puritan laws and practices. He based his new colony on the principles of Separation of Church and State
Who is Roger Williams?
This Colony was set up with religious settlers under the principles of a Theocratic government.
What is Massachusetts? (Plymouth also acceptable)
This group of religious settlers wanted to “separate” from the Church of England. They landed in Plymouth and are credited with celebrating the first American Thanksgiving.
Who are the Pilgrims?
These small farms that DID NOT produce income but did produce food for families. Most early colonists lived on these type of farms.
What are subsistence farms?
The first form of representative government in the colonies. Elected officials of Jamestown formed this legislative body.
What is the House of Burgesses?
The name of the difficult, harsh, and sometimes deadly journey slaves made on ships from Africa to the New World.
What is the Middle Passage?