Groundwater Rule
Total Coliform Rule
Nitrate and Nitrite Rule
Inorganic Chemicals Rule
MCLs and MCLGs
The disinfectant residual must be equal or greater than this at each entry point and throughout the distribution system.
What is 0.2 mg/L
TNTC stands for:
What is Too Numerous To Count
The MCL for nitrate is designed to protect babies from this
What is Methemoglobanemia, also known as Blue Baby Syndrome
The Inorganic Chemicals Rule sets MCLs for 13 consitutents; most of them heavy metals. Name one of the 3 that is not a heavy metal.
What are Asbestos, Cyanide, or Fluoride
The MCLs for Nitrate and Nitrite are:
What are 10 mg/L as N and 1 mg/L as N, respectively
GWUDI stands for
What is Ground Water Under the Direct Influence (of Surface Water)
Samples collected to demonstrate compliance with the Total Coliform Rule are taken here:
What is in the Distribution System
Non-Community Water Systems may be allowed to provide water with nitrate concentrations as high as 20 mg/L as N under these conditions:
What is the water will not be available to children under 6 months of age AND it will not result in any adverse health effects.
If you are a Transient, Non-Community Water supplier, only one of the MCLs in the Inorganic Chemicals Rule applies to you. Which one?
What is the Fluoride MCL of 4.0 mg/L
What is the MCL for Arsenic?
What is 0.010 mg/L or 10 ug/L
Do the requirements of the Groundwater Rule apply to consecutive systems?
What is Yes.
The minimum number of Total Coliform samples that must be collected depends on:
What is Population Served
Samples for nitrate and nitrite are collected here:
What is at Entry Points
Many groundwater systems in Colorado have high concentrations of these two heavy metals naturally occurring in their groundwater and must treat to remove it.
What are Arsenic and Selenium
Which constituent that we monitor for in water and distribution, has both a minimum required concentration and an MCL.
What is Chlorine (Disinfectant)
The Groundwater rule protects users from this category of contaminant.
What is Microbial
Sampling locations must be preapproved by the State and are listed here:
What is in the Individual Rule Sampling Plan within the Monitoring Plan
Community and Non-Transient, Non-Community surface water systems are required to sample for nitates this often.
What is Quarterly
If a system pulls water from more than one source, where is compliance with the Inorganic Chemicals Rule determined?
What is After blending provided that samples are taken under typical operating conditions.
Flouride concentrations higher than this may cause dental fluorosis or discoloring of adult teeth.
What is 2 mg/L
Groundwater suppliers are required to disinfect the water using a chemical treatment method under these circumstances.
What is water is being supplied to the public and there is no waiver in place.
A routine Total Coliform sample result is positive. What is the minimum number of repeat samples required?
What is At least 3 -- repeat, one upstream, and one downstream. For systems that only collect one sample per monitoring period, a minimum of 4 is required.
While surface water systems must sample for nitrate quarterly, groundwater systems only have to monitor once per year because of this:
What is Groundwater characteristics change slowly
A water system reports arsenic results for four entry points. One entry point has had arsenic concentrations higher than 12 ug/L for the last four consecutive quarters. The system must:
What is Notify the State within 48 hours AND issue Tier 2 notices.
Primary MCLs protect _____________ while Secondary MCLs are ______________.
What are Public Health / Aesthetic (Nuisance)
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