Getting Along
Respecting Differences
No-Bullying Behaviors
General Friendship
Someone made a face at you. What could you do?
Ignore them, Talk it Out, Avoid the person, Use Humor
You just got new glasses and there is a student in your class who is teasing you about them. This hurts your feelings. What I message could you use to tell them your feelings are hurt?
I feel _______ when ________________. I need _________. I feel upset when you're making fun of my glasses. I need you to stop.
You are working in a group in your classroom and one of the people in your group is not doing anything. What should you do?
give them a task to do, remind them that they need to participate, get help from the teacher if they are still not doing their part
Someone on the bus is calling you names every day. This really hurts your feelings. What should you do?
Ignore what you can. Ask them to stop. Sit with friends so you have people around you who are being nice. Tell the bus driver.
Your best friend is starting to spend time with another student in your class instead of you. What should you do?
See if there are ways you can all be friends. Let your friend know you're missing time with them. Recognize that friendships change and it's okay to spend time with different people.
You are playing a game and you both want to go first. What could you do?
Chance, compromise, take turns, negotiate
There are a group of kids on the playground from your class who are playing soccer and they tell you that you can't play because you aren't good enough. How would you handle the situation?
You could go find something else to do. You could talk to them and let them know you don't think this is fair. You could ask for make a joke and walk away.
You are playing a game with some friends and you win. One of the players is really angry that you won and is not being a good sport about it. What should you do?
Watch your words to be sure you're not bragging. Make a joke about better luck next time. Ignore them until they calm down. Remind them it's just a game.
A student in your class was playing in the bathroom when you were in there, and you know that is not allowed. He threatens to hurt you if you tell the teacher. What should you do?
Tell the teacher anyway - if someone is threatening you this isn't safe. You could always write a note to let the teacher know if you're worried about the other student seeing you tell.
Your friend always wants to be the one who chooses what game you will play. This is starting to get frustrating to you. What should you do?
Ask if you can take turns deciding what to do. Use chance - coin toss, rock/paper/scissors Compromise and find a win/win solution Talk about it and let them know you're getting frustrated.
You and your friend have not been as close lately. How could you approach a conversation about this with your friend?
Use I messages. Let them know what's bothering you calmly without blaming them for the distance. Tell them how important it is you try to still be friends.
You just got a new haircut and it is very different from your original look. You're worried that someone might make fun of it. You walk into the classroom and a student laughs and points at you. What should you do?
Use humor, ignore them, ask them to stop laughing
You are working on a project with a partner and you both want to do the first part. What should you do?
Chance - rock/paper/scissors, flip a coin to decide Compromise - find a win/win solution Take turns
You see one of your friends being made fun of at recess by another student. What should you do?
Be a friend. Go up to your friend and make sure they're okay. Use humor or change the subject. Make sure you don't join in these behaviors.
Your best friend looks mad at you and is ignoring you but she hasn't told you why she's angry and you don't have a clue what is bothering her. What should you do?
When she looks like she's calmed down, talk about it and ask what's wrong. If she keeps giving you the silent treatment, then just find someone else to hangout with. Let her know you want to know what's wrong to try to fix it and that you're willing to talk about it with her when she's ready.
One of your friends was teasing you and things went too far and now you are mad. What should you do?
Use anger management strategies to calm down. When calm, let them know that they went too far.
You asked your friend about her dad and she got very upset because she doesn't see her father anymore. You didn't mean to hurt her feelings but didn't realize that this might be a sensitive topic to her. What should you do?
Apologize to her, Talk it out and let her know you didn't mean to hurt her feelings
You are part of a reading circle group for your class. When it is time to discuss the book that you are reading, another class member keeps interrupting you and you are getting mad. What should you do?
Talk it out. Use an I message to let them know how you're feeling. "I'm feeling frustrated when you keep interrupting. I need you to let me have a chance to share my ideas too."
A "friend" of yours is constantly making fun of you in front of other people but is nice to you when you are both alone. You are confused and hurt by this friend's actions. What should you do?
Talk about it with the "friend." Let them know it's not okay for them to be so mean to you in front of others and that this is crossing the line. Decide if it's worth trying to be friends with someone who is treating you like that. Think about what a real friend would do.
Your friend let you borrow one of his video games and now you can't find it. He is upset. What should you do?
Apologize for losing it. Talk it out. Share (one of yours). You need to let your parent know and get help looking for it or replacing it. If you borrowed it, you're responsible for it.
You heard someone whispering and you think you heard your name mentioned. What should you do?
Ignore it if you can. Ask them about it calmly. If they were talking about you, then use an I message. "I feel upset when you're talking about me behind my back. I need you to stop doing that and talk to me directly."
A new student just joined your class from another country and you assumed he was from Mexico because he was Hispanic but he is really from El Salvador. This student was very offended. What should you do?
Apologize to him, talk it out and let him know you were not trying to be offensive, be more aware next time and not make the same quick judgments
You are playing a game that requires you to be divided up into teams of 2. You don't like the person you are teamed up with, but the teacher said you have to work together. What should you do?
Stop and think about how that person would feel if you complained about having to work with them. Recognize that life isn't always fair and we have to work together sometimes so just deal with it.
Someone started a rumor about you that was not true and very hurtful. You know who started it. What should you do?
After you've cooled off, talk to the person. Let them know how it made you feel and that this is not okay. Ask them how they can fix it - they need to take some responsibility and set the record straight. If it is damaging your reputation in any way or about something that might get you in trouble, then get help if you need it to stop the rumor from spreading.
Your only friend in the class is hanging out during recess with someone that you don't like. You are getting frustrated by this. What should you do?
If they are your friend, then it's not fair to ask them to choose between you and the person you don't like. You need to calm down and think about it to find a win/win solution. Maybe if you give the other student a chance, you'll be able to make a new friend. You could talk to your friend about it but recognize that you may just need to give the other person a chance to get to know them too.
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