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Many birds will migrate south due to the harsh winters in the North, as they are not easy or pleasant.

not easy or pleasant 


The girl was furious that her brother spilled paint on her drawing and ruined it.

very angry and upset


The first spaceship was launched, or put into orbit, in 1957.

put into orbit


Spider webs may seem delicate, but they are very strong and stable.

fragile and breakable


My favorite character was the protagonist. Her storyline was the most moving and thought-out.

the main character in a story


Tree branches will become flexible in strong winds. The branches will sway and bend, but not break.

to sway and bend, but not break


The pirate was told to hoist the bucket up the rope from the bottom of the ladder.

To pull up something heavy


Antarctica is a vast continent with wide open space and no permanent human residents.

large, open, and empty


Sometimes if you have a vivid, or very clear and real, dream, you are in the deepest part of the REM cycle.

Very clear and real


Realistic fiction is fiction books set in a normal and believable world. 

normal and believable, true to life 

The cat tolerated being pet until he jumped up and ran away.

to put up with or stand


Dad rolled his eyes at the ridiculous idea that my brother could fly.

unbelievable or unreal


An Abolitionist is someone who wanted to abolish slavery.

to formally put and end to

To be an identical twin, one must share 100% of their DNA.

exactly alike; the same


When composing an essay, one should first make an outline to organize the ideas one wants to write about.

to write or create


Echolocation can help dolphins navigate the waters in the ocean since they cannot find their way with eyesight.

to find a way 


After the present hit the elf's head, his vision was a little hazy. He couldn't see clearly like there was a fog in front of his eyes.

unclear or foggy


Queen Elizabeth II's reign lasted almost 71 years, which makes her the longest-reigning monarch on the British throne.

to rule


One example of a homonym is Hertz, a unit for measuring frequency, and hurts, which is an action verb.

Two words that have different spellings and meanings but the same pronunciation.


A bland story will be boring and uneventful

Lacking strong features or characteristics and, therefore, uninteresting.


Petrified wood is a tree that has completely transformed into stone.

material that has changed into stone 


The girl decided that the moral choice was to help her friend up, even though she laughed when he fell.

A person's standard of correct behavior.


The largest tropical rainforest is located in South America. The climate is warm and humid enough for the plants local to that area to grow.

A climate that experiences heavy rainfall and is usually warm and humid


An oasis is an area made fertile by a source of fresh water in an otherwise dry and arid region

an area made fertile by a source of fresh water in an otherwise dry and arid region 


The Library of Congress, the world's largest library, has numerous books to choose from.

great in number, many

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