After Lily left home for college, her dad tried to sell the computer games she had played when she was little. However, he soon discovered they were OBSOLETE. The word OBSOLETE means: a) too easy b) out of date c) boring
b) out of date
The children danced to the music with merry JUBILATION. What does JUBILATION mean? a) delight b) distress c) surprise
a) delight
The principal DICTATED that all students would be required to follow the school dress code. What word would be a synonym for DICTATED? a) asked b) knew c) commanded
c) commanded
Mary only wanted to help, but unfortunately, her speech had the opposite effect on ESCALATED the argument. What does ESCALATED mean?
To ESCALATE something means to make it worse. So, to have ESCALATED the argument means to have made the argument worse.
Julia wasn't sure exactly what time they would arrive, but she thought the APPROXIMATE time would be around 5:00. What does APPROXIMATE mean? Give the context clues you used in the sentence to determine the meaning. a) estimated b) unknown c) exact
a) estimated Clues --- wasn't sure exactly, thought, around
Mrs. Jones was nervous about flying on an airplane. She had never flown before. Her daughter REASSURED her by telling her that planes are very safe. What does REASSURED mean? a) comforted b) reminded c) forced
a) comforted
The substitute teacher felt EXASPERATED because she could not get the students to stop talking and listen. What does EXASPERATED mean? a) lonely b) frustrated c) depressed
b) frustrated
The full moon ILLUMINATED the sky so much that we did not need our flashlights. What would be a synonym for ILLUMINATED? a) lit b) darkened c) filled
a) lit
People always comment about much Lucy RESEMBLES her mother. They have the same eyes, hair, and smile. What is a synonym for RESEMBLES?
To resemble means to "be, look, or act alike". Some synonyms for this use of the word would be "looks like" or "is like".
Dad thought the spaghetti sauce was too BLAND, so he added more garlic. What does BLAND mean? Give the context clues from the sentence that helped you determine the meaning. a) salty b) spicy c) mild
c) mild Clues -- added more garlic

The meadow was full of wildflowers. There were not many large plants, and tress were SPARSE. What does SPARSE mean? a) many b) few c) large

b) few

Arnold approached the snake CAUTIOUSLY. He thought it was dead, but he didn't know for sure. What does CAUTIOUSLY mean? a) quickly b) carefully c) carelessly
b) carefully
Even though Paul was excited about the project, he wanted the other kids to think he was cool, so he answered the teacher's question in a NONCHALANT tone. What would be a synonym for NONCHALANT? a) relaxed b) enthusiastic c) angry
a) relaxed
Joan decided to WITHDRAW her support for Calvin for class president when she learned that he had cheated on a test. What does WITHDRAW mean?
WITHDRAW means to remove, take away or take back.
The black plague swept through Europe in the Middle Ages killing millions of people. In some villages, half the population PERISHED. What does PERISHED mean? Give the context clues from the sentences that helped you determine the meaning. a) got sick b) died c) escaped
b) died Clues -- killing, people, population

The artist had used VIVID colors in the painting, which made it stand out in the otherwise drab room. What does VIVID mean? 



Susie could smell the AROMA of freshly baking bread as soon as she walked into the kitchen. What does AROMA mean? 

a) scent


Mrs. Olsen used to love to play the piano. But since she started to lose her hearing, she SELDOM plays anymore. What would be a synonym for SELDOM? a) often b) usually c) rarely

c) rarely

Denise stared at the IMMENSE pile of laundry and wondered how her children could go through so many clothes in a week. What would be a synonym for IMMENSE?
Some synonyms for IMMENSE would be, "big, large, massive, huge, overwhelming, enormous".

That movie had an INTENSE effect on me. I could not stop thinking about it! What does INTENSE mean? Give the context clues from the sentences that helped you determine the meaning.

a) powerful Clues -- not stop thinking about it


Adrian liked his new laptop computer because it was light and PORTABLE. He took it with him everywhere! What does PORTABLE mean? 



Luke was COMPENSATED for the yard work he had done over the summer. He spent the money he had earned on a new bike. What does COMPENSATED mean? a)thanked b) complimented c) paid

c) paid


Tanya's mother drives slowly when she gets close to the school and is careful to watch for PEDESTRIANS. What would be a synonym for PEDESTRIANS? 

a) people walking

Tamara was shocked when she learned about the SENSELESS killing of thousands of buffalos by settlers in the early 1800's. What does SENSELESS mean?
SENSELESS means without meaning; meaningless. To have no purpose.

Angela knew that there were NUMEROUS reasons why she should take the job, but she just did not want it. What does NUMEROUS mean? Give the context clues from the sentence that helped you determine the meaning. 

b) many Clues -- reasons why