1. Inferences
2. Context cues
3. So Random
4. More Inferences
5. More context cues

The car windows are wet.

a. It is raining.

b. It is windy.

c. It is cold.

d. It is sunny.

a. It is raining.


The diamond ring shined radiantly on her finger.

Radiantly means?

a. brightly

b. really

c. hardly

d. barely



What is Sugarloaf's Mascot?

A. Eagles

B. Knights

C. Falcons

D. Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions


The family set up a tent and started to make a fire to roast marshmallows.

a. They are going camping

b. They are going shopping

c. They are going to the doctor

d. They are going to adopt a dog

a. They are going camping


The sun made the lake water shimmer.

Using the explanation clue, the word shimmer in this sentence means:

a. dirty

b. dull

c. dark

d. shine

d. shine


Timothy could not eat all of his pumpkin pie.

a. Timothy's eyes were bigger than his stomach

b. Timothy likes ice cream with his pie.

c. Timothy likes the apple pie

d. Timothy does not eat enough.

c. Timothy likes the apple pie.


We shopped at the emporium, which is as large as the shopping center, for shampoo and bath soap.

Emporium means?

a. amusement park

b. bathroom

c. large store

d. library

Large store


Who was the first emperor of Rome

a. Julius Caesar

b. Marc Antony

c. Augustus Caesar

d. Cleopatra

Augustus Caesar


She makes lunch for hundreds of students each day.

a. She works in a restaurant.

b. She works at a farm.

c. She works as a teacher

d. She works in a cafeteria.

d. She works in a cafeteria.


My younger sister can be an irritating nuisance when I am doing my homework.

In this sentence, the word nuisance means:

a. help

b. annoyance

c. pleasure

d. delight

b. annoyance


Angie asked Sue if she could borrow her math textbook.

a. Sue’s math textbook is red.

b. Angie can not find her math textbook.

c. Sue lost Angie’s math textbook.

d. The class has a math test tomorrow.

b. Angie can not find her math textbook.


The dog was saturated after spending all day in the water.

Saturated means?

a. soaked

b. old

c. dirty

d. smelly



What is the strongest eagle in the world?

a. Harpy Eagle

b. Bold Eagle

c. Steller's Sea Eagle

d. White Tail Eagle

Harpy Eagle


Dave took Charlie’s bike home by mistake.

a. Dave has the same bike as Charlie.

b. Charlie doesn’t like his bike.

c. Dave likes to take things that are not his.

d. Charlie’s bike is blue.

a. Dave has the same bike as Charlie.


Melissa sauntered over to our table while Cheryl hurried over.

In this sentence, the word sauntered means

a. walked in a slow, easy way

b. hurried

c. beat rapidly

d. ran

a. walked in a slow, easy way


Alex breath smells really good.

a. Alex does not like gum

b. Alex just brushed his teeth

c. Alex ate some pickles

d. Alex has a dentist appointment.

b. Alex just brushed his teeth


In the pirate story, there were the good guys against the buccaneers.

Buccaneers means?

a. actors

b. pirates

c. teachers

d. helpers



What gets wetter the more it dries?

a. Straw

b. Sponge

c. Shirt

d. Towel



The boy jumped into a large pile of crunchy leaves.

What season is it?

a. Winter

b. Fall

c. Spring

d. Summer

b. Fall


We should be careful not to ostracize those who are different from us. It is much better for all if we are welcoming to everyone.

In this sentence, the word ostracize means

a. embrace

b. exclude

c. welcome

d. include

b. exclude


Debbie didn't go to school because she couldn't get out of bed.

a. Debbie is working on homework

b. Debbie is sick

c. Debbie is very sad

d. Debbie is watching a movie

Debbie is sick


An evanescent ring surrounded the moon as it rose. It was there for a moment, and then it disappeared.

Using the explanation clue, the word evanescent in this sentence means

a. full

b. ongoing

c. brief

d. bright

d. bright


What is the capital of North Carolina?

a. Greenville

b. Asheville

c. Raleigh

d. Washington



It was dark. Jack and his mom had taken a long walk near their house. They had gone with some friends. They used a flashlight to see the path and had a lot of fun. They roasted marshmallows when they got home.

What might Jack be able to see if he looked at the sky?

a. a tiny bird

b. his mom

c. stars

d. sun

c. stars


The artist was very careful and exact as he meticulously painted the portrait.

In this sentence, the word meticulously means

a. hurriedly

b. precise or detailed

c. careless

d. sloppy

b. precise or detailed