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The MEEK boy sat in the corner alone at recess.

a) loud

b) friendly

c) shy

What is shy?


I GLIMPSED outside my bedroom window and saw a new family moving in next door.

a) walked

b) looked

c) heard

What is looked?


The parking lot was so CONGESTED, it took half an hour to get out!

a) empty

b) hot

c) crowded

What is crowded?


When we go camping, my father will IGNITE the fire so we can roast marshmallows.

a) start

b) call

c) see

What is start?


While she was INDIFFERENT to golf, her husband was a big fan of golfing.

a) boring

b) not interested

c) eager

What is not interested?


I was FURIOUS that my sister would use my hairbrush without asking.

a) curious

b) happy

c) angry

What is angry?


Wilma felt ALARMED when her dog started barking loudly at the strange visitor outside.

a) wounded

b) barked

c) scared

What is scared?


Marcia is a NOVICE soccer player.  It is her first day of practice.

a) skilled

b) beginner

c) crowded

What is beginner?


My grandpa will DOZE during television shows he watches when he is tired.

a) cheer

b) nap

c) discuss

What is nap?


Stacy was SUSPICIOUS when the clown handed her a box because she didn't know him.

a) not trusting

b) sad

c) careful

What is not trusting?


While most of the children ran around the playground, the football players sat in a CLUSTER talking about the game.  

a) a group

b) a line

c) a chair

What is a group?


The CONSPICUOUS man wore  a purple  wig and large sunglasses.

a) easily noticed

b) beautiful

c) sleeping

What is easily noticed?


Pete was ENVIOUS of his brother's cool new bicycle.

a) jealous

b) confident

c) comfortable

What is jealous?


Each day during spring there is a SLIGHT increase in temperature until summer arrives.

a) small

b) go up

c) bright

What is small?


While James is very outgoing, his older brother is RECLUSIVE.

a) athletic

b) popular

c) not social

What is not social?


She was an AGILE dancer, although her partner was quite clumsy.

a) quiet

b) able to move easily

c) stiff

What is able to move easily?


I was so PARCHED, I drank an entire glass of water in one gulp.

a) hungry

b) thirsty

c) sleepy

What is thirsty?


The student replied to the teacher with a WITTY answer and the class laughed.

a) funny

b) mean

c) word

What is funny?


The tower will TOPPLE if it has too much weight at the top because it is not balanced.

a) pounds

b) grow

c) fall over

What is fall over?


The woman DETESTED house cleaning because she had to do it all by herself.

a) often

b) demanded

c) hated

What is hated?


My mother MENDED my pants so that the small hole was gone

a) torn

b) worn

c) fixed

What is fixed?


The delicious AROMA of food cooking in the kitchen made my mouth water.

a) smell

b) color

c) wealth

What is smell?


I looked at my brother with a GLARE after he broke my toy.

a) confusing

b) mean look

c) difficult

What is mean look?


Amy had a GRIMACE on her face, but Claudia had a big smile across her face.

a) grin

b) hat

c) frown

What is a frown?


George is PROFICIENT with crossword puzzles, while his sister is a failure at solving them.

a) miserable

b) skilled

c) close

What is skilled?

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