Anabelle paints pictures using VIVID colors; you can see them very well. She thinks these kinds of colors make her pictures look so cheerful and happy. What is vivid? 

Vivid = very bright 


Even though they used to fight all the time, now she turned her biggest FOE into her best friend 

FOE = enemy


Taylor is very loud, but his sister, Allison is RESERVED. What does the word RESERVED mean? 

RESERVED - quiet, shy. 



It is ESSENTIAL that you brush your teeth every day, because brushing your teeth is very important to avoid cavities.



ESSENTIAL - necessary, important 


Lawson jumped over his lazy dog and walked to the kitchen. Lawson was STARVING. He thought about eating an apple. Dinner was still hours away. He was really hungry, so a snack would help. What does the word starving mean? 

STARVING - very hungry


After school, Mike likes to jump rope. After he jumps for an hour, he COLLAPSES in his bed because he is so tired. The word collapses means .... ?

Collapses = falls down


Belinda is CAUTIOUS when she crosses the street. She doesn't want to get hit by a car. 

CAUTIOUS = careful


The cashier was polite, unlike the customer, who was quite CURT to her. 

CURT = rude, impolite


For our school field trip, we took an EXCURSION, a short journey, to the Children’s Museum. 

EXCURSION - trip, short journey

Carlos GRINNED at his new puppy. The puppy was so happy all the time. He always made Carlos smile. Carlos could never be mad at him. He even named the puppy Happy. If a person grinned, that means he or she 

GRINNED - smiled 


You will never be able to find the tiny earring I dropped in the pool - it's too MINUSCULE to see! 

MINISCULE = very small


My grandma RETIRED from her job as a teacher. Now she gets to sleep late and watches her favorite shows every afternoon. 

RETIRED = no longer working


Dominic’s father said the map was simple, but when Dominic looked at it, he saw it was actually quite COMPLEX.

Complex - difficult , complicated


Jane saw a doll at the grocery store. She wanted her dad to buy it for her, but he would not. He said they only had money for things they need, like food.A doll is not a NECESSITY.

NECESSITY - something required or needed

Dana drove around the track NIMBLY. The other drivers could not keep up with her. She ended up winning the race. 

NIMBLY - quickly


Cam reached for another pizza slice, but his mom said he should let his sister have it instead. She said Camll already ate a SUFFICIENT amount of pizza. What does the word sufficient mean? 

SUFFICIENT = enough 


The CRUEL girl took her sister's money and never felt bad about it, even when her sister noticed the cash was gone and started to cry. 

CRUEL = extremely mean


Chen’s parents taught him that it was always better to tell the truth rather than a FALSEHOOD. FALSEHOOD means: 

What is not the truth?



Dian Fossey was a woman who ANALYZED the behavior of mountain gorillas for many years. She studied the way that they behaved in their natural environments.



ANALYZED - studied 



My mother was FRANTIC when she could not find me in the toy store. 



FRANTIC - panicked 


Dinosaurs went EXTINCT about 65 million years ago.  What does the word EXTINCT mean?

EXTINCT = doesn't exist anymore; died out 


Jeff cannot find his glasses anywhere. He is afraid he might have thrown them away while he was cleaning his room.He begun to RUMMAGE through the garbage can, hoping he will find them

RUMMAGE = search 


It was difficult to CONCEAL the surprise party from her parents. She wanted to tell them so badly! 

CONCEAL - hide 


The rabbit is a SWIFT animal. It can run away from bigger animals. It is really hard to catch. To be SWIFT means to be 

SWIFT - very fast 


My gloomy sister predicted that it would rain the next weekend for our outdoor field day at school even though it was too soon to know what the weather would be. I told her to stop being so PESSIMISTIC! 

PESSIMISTIC - expecting the worst to happen

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