Making Healthy Choices
Keeping it Safe
Label Reading
Kitchen and Shopping Smarts
Planning Family Meals
Which fruit and vegetable forms (fresh, frozen and canned) can be part of a healthy diet?

All of them!


What's one of the most important things we can do to prevent the spread of food borne illness when cooking?

Wash our hands


On a nutrition facts label, what %DV is considered a low source of a nutrient?

5% DV or less


You should always compare _____ prices at the store to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

The unit price!

--Usually the price per lb or price per ounce. 


You want to plan a healthy breakfast. A good rule of thumb is to include how many food groups?

At least three.


You are reading the ingredients on a loaf of bread, and the first ingredient says "wheat". It is a whole grain. True or False?

False. We can't determine whether a food is a whole grain just by the name. We have to look for whole grains (e.g. whole wheat, whole corn, etc.) as the first ingredient on the ingredient list. 

Name three ways to thaw frozen foods safely. 

In a refrigerator, in the microwave, or submerged in cold water.


On a nutrition facts label, what %DV is considered a high source of a nutrient?

20%DV or more


Name two ways you can save money on food before you even enter the store.

Any reasonable answer, such as:

-Create a meal plan accounting for things you have on hand

-Create a shopping list

-Check store sales


Give one example of a healthy snack that you could plan and make at home.

Multiple answers--aim to include at least 2 food groups!


How many food groups should we aim to have every day? How many in meals? How many in snacks?

All 5 every day; aim for at least 3 food groups in meals and at least 2 in snacks.


How long should we wash our hands for with soap and warm water?

20 seconds


On a nutrition facts label, you will see "total sugars" and "added sugars." How are they different?

Total sugars include both naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. Added sugars are sugars that are added to a product when it is manufactured. 


Name two ways you can save money on fruits and vegetables when shopping.

Any reasonable answer, such as:

-Compare prices for fresh, frozen, canned or dried produce, buy fresh produce in season, purchase produce in it's most whole form


What are two benefits of planning meals in advance?

Variety of answers: Some benefits include:

You don't waste ingredients you have on hand.

Stretch ingredients across meals.

Save time and money.

Plan to eat all 5 food groups


According to MyPlate, how much of our plate should be fruits and vegetables?

Aim to make half your plate fruits and vegetables!

The safest way to ensure meat is fully cooked is to use this.

A food thermometer


On our nutrition facts label, which nutrients should we consume less of (less healthy)?

Which should we consume more of (more healthy)?

Less: Saturated fat, sodium, added sugars; aim for no trans fat

More: Dietary Fiber, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium.


True or False: You should compare total prices of items to be sure you're getting the best deal.

False: You want to compare unit prices to make sure you compare "apples to apples" or find the lowest cost per unit.


It's "clear the pantry" night! Name three items you might want to have in your pantry at all times to create a nutritious meal.

Many options. Examples include canned beans, canned fruits or vegetables, whole grain pasta, bread, brown rice, nuts oils, canned seafood, etc.

Name 3 examples of lean protein foods. Lean protein foods are lower in "unhealthy" fats (saturated and trans fat).

Examples, beans, lentils, nuts, salmon, chicken with skin removed, etc.


You only have one cutting board. You need to use it to cut both the vegetables and the raw meat. What should you do?

Cut the veggies first, than transfer them to another dish before cutting the meat.

 Or cut the meat first, then wash and sanitize the cutting board thoroughly before cutting the vegetables.


A bottle of soda is 2 servings. The nutrition facts label states that there are 50 grams of added sugar per serving. If you drank the whole bottle how many grams of added sugar would drink?

25 Bonus points: How many teaspoons of sugar is that?

100 grams of added sugar per bottle

grams of sugar/4=tsp; 25 tsp of sugar


You find a bulk bag of apples with lower unit price than loose apples. You are trying to determine whether this is a good buy. Name two things you might consider other than price. 

Any reasonable answer such as:

Whether you can use up the apples before they go bad, how long the apples will last, whether you have enough storage space, different ways you can prepare apples so you and your family won't grow tired of them.


Name two of your favorite menu planning tricks or tips.

Any reasonable answer!