Healthy Coping Skills
Unhealthy Coping Skills

Name 3 healthy coping skills.

- Writing/Drawing/Painting, Listening to Music, Spending Time with Friends/Family, Go for a Walk, Deep Breathing, Self-Reflection, Journaling


Name 1 unhealthy coping skill.

Avoiding Help; Fighting; Yelling at others; Harming others or yourself; Excessive amounts of time on social media; Procrastinating


Which of the following is a benefit of using healthy coping skills? 

a.) they reduce stress b.) they allow us to create better relationships c.) they allow us to have a healthy mind and body d.) all of the above

d.) all of the above


What is something you can do to cope w/ anger? 

Deep breaths, counting, reframing thoughts, taking a walk, drawing 


List two ways to care for yourself physically. 

healthy eating, good sleep schedule, good dental hygiene, exercise, drinking water, showering/bathing, getting in the sun


What gets wet while drying?

a towel


Healthy coping skills help us

a.) Deal with stressors in our lives b.) Work through our emotions and problems c.) Process our thoughts and emotions d.) All of the above


d.) All of the above

Using healthy coping skills allow us to take a minute and process what is happening with our emotions, stressors, thoughts, and problems.


Name 2 physical symptoms of anxiety

sweaty hands; negative thoughts; dry mouth; butterflies; dizziness; frequent urination; digestive issues


What is one benefit that a person can experience from using healthy coping skills

 Feeling more relaxed, Having a clear mind to help solve your problems, Creating healthy relationships with others, Being able to think about your response to a situation, 


What is important to do before acting when we are angry? 

STOP and think 

Take deep breaths 


Name some relaxation techniques. 

Deep breathing


Progressive muscle relaxation 

Using your imagination to picture a peaceful place 


What can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left?

your left hand


What is a mindfulness technique that can reduce the intensity of your emotions? 

Reduces intensity of emotion

•5 things that you see

•4 things that you touch

•3 things you hear

•2 things you smell or like to smell

•1 thing you taste (alternatively 1 thing you like about yourself if tasting is not readily available)


What are the effects of unhealthy coping skills on ourselves and others? 

they can hurt us, can hurt others, can cause more problems, create bad habits


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using healthy coping skills? 

a.) allow us to create better relationships b.) they increase stress  c.)allow us to have a healthy mind and body d.) all the above 


Using healthy coping skills allows us to reduce stress!!!


What can help you stop the cycle of depression? 

Doing healthy activities even when you do not feel like it 


Is positive and/or healthy self talk a way improve your mental health? 



What can travel all over the world but never leave its corner?

A stamp


Describe mindfulness. Is it a coping skill?

Mindfulness is when you center yourself in the present moment. It can be done through meditation, relaxation exercises, or just simply slowing down and taking notice of things that are currently around you. 

Yes, it is a coping skill!


True or False?

All stress is out of your control.

False; sometimes we create out own stressful situations 


Name 2 coping skills that can be used to reduce stress? 

- meditation, talking with someone, breathing exercises, exercise, mindfulness, yoga, coloring


What does SMART stand for and how to we create a SMART goal? 

Specific; Measurable; Appealing/Attainable; Realistic and Time-Bound. 

Create a SMART goal by using all aspects and creating an achievable goal for yourself. 


Tell me one positive affirmation (Each team member tell me one)

"I am worthy", "I am able to make mistakes", "I can feel all emotions and that's okay", etc. 


What belongs to you be everyone else uses it?

Your name


What does CBT stand for & what does CBT mean? 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive being changing our thought process to then change our behaviors and emotions.


What are 3 different emotions that often lead people to engage in unhealthy coping skills?

Anger; Sadness; Anxiety; Jealousy; Depression; Guilt 


When does a healthy coping skill become unhealthy?

When it is done excessively and in a unhealthy way.

When it negatively affects your life


True or False: Coping skills are not important to your well-being.

FALSE! Coping skills create a sense of calmness, confidence, and inner-peace. They are important for your overall health


When is practicing self care important?

All the time! 


How do you make seven even?

Take off the S


What is "Cope Ahead" and how can it benefit us? 

Coping ahead of a situation you may or may not face to better prepare for said situation. Situation is normally stressful or uncomfortable. It can benefit us by making us less vulnerable to stressful/uncomfortable situations. 


What is an example of an unhealthy coping skill you've used?

(Each team member answer)

Avoiding issues; sleeping too much or not enough; drug or alcohol use; impulsivity; over/under eating; TikTok/Social Media; Not doing homework; Refusing to attend school/treatment; Not communicating with friends/family properly. 


 True of False: Coping skills increase resilience because they help people learn how to properly handle negative emotions, panic attacks, and other difficult situations.

True. When you effectively deal with a negative emotion or situation, you also move on and let go of the negative feelings that are associated with that experience.


True or False: There are instant "fixes" for stress.

Why or why not?

False Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Coping skills, personal strengths, and other environmental supports are built over time.


True or false: In order to practice self care you need to spend lots of time and money?



Jared's father has three sons: snap, crackle, and ____


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