Social Skills
Role Play
Coping Skills

A friend has borrowed something from you and hasn't given it back. What can you do?

Talk to him, Use I-statements, share your feelings


You and mom disagree on picking up a mess. Act out how you can handle this in a safe and calm manner.

Negotiate, share feelings, think of options


How might you feel if someone accidentally messes up your project in class?

Frustrated, angry, mad, calm


Name two ways to calm down when you feel angry or frustrated

Take deep breaths, go for a walk, wall pushups, squeeze something


Breathing exercise 

belly breathing, bee breathing, Rainbow breathing


Your mom has a new toy/game that you really like. You ask to see it and she says no. What can you do?

Find another toy/game, talk it out, use I-statements


You get into an argument with a classmate about an assignment. Act out how you can take care of this in a safe way.

Use I-statements, ignore, walk away, deep breaths, ask teacher for help.


Name 6 emotions

angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, happy, excited, embarrassed, silly, tired, hungry, lonely, shy, ecstatic, upset, disappointed 


True or false: Writing, drawing, coloring, painting, and playing are healthy ways to deal with strong emotions



show me how you can relax yourself when your angry

breathing, taking a walking, drinking water, calm corner 


Someone in class wants to be your partner for a project. You don't want to work with them. What can you say?

Share how you feel assertively and respectfully, help them find a different partner


Your mom asks your to clean your room and you don't feel like doing it. Act out how you would handle this in a calm manner. What would help if you need to do it?

Use I-statements, share feelings, negotiate. Use coping skills to calm self down to be able to complete the task.


Show me what anger looks like for you

Identify body sensations, scale, thoughts

Talk about a coping skill that is helpful for you
Rollercoaster breathing, PMR, drink water, count to 10, talk to someone, coloring

what does a Mindfulness exercise look like

using your hands, butterfly breathing


Someone in your class bumps into your desk and knocks everything over. How can you respond?

Take deep breaths, possibly ask them to help pick it up


You're feeling frustrated and want to throw something. What else can you do? Act it out.

Share feelings, take deep breaths, walk away, tell an adult

True or false: all feelings are helpful

True: emotions are messages from our brain and body about how we feel about a situation


You notice your friend is feeling sad and he asks you what he should do. What do you say/do?

Talk to them, draw about it, play, talk to an adult


Think of your peaceful place

Close your eyes and describe in detail


You threw your friends ball and it is now stuck on the roof and they are really upset with you. What would you do?

Take a deep breath. Apologize. Understand their feelings. Ask what you can do to help them feel better. 


You are excited about a new book and want to share about it to your family, but they are currently busy. Act out how you can handle this calmly. 

Use coping kills to help self be patient- breathing, distract yourself. Ask when they will be available or ready to listen to you. 


What happens to our brains when our emotions get out of control?

Flip our lid, emotion brain takes over and thinking brain takes a break


Why are coping skills helpful?

They help to get better control of our emotions, so you can make healthy decisions, healthy for our brain


calming down a friend

5, 4, 3, 2, 1; mindful smelling, mindful eating

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