North & South America
Oceania and Pacific Islands

The East Coast, was colonized by The British, in 1776, they got free and had 13 States divided by 3 regions. The day they got free was July 4th. Now the Flag is 13 stripes in honor of the first 13 states, and 50 Stars. They speak English and Spanish it's capital is Washington D.C, they Border Mexico and Canada. What is this country?

The United States of America


Part of Portuguese Empire, They gained freedom in 1822. They are the biggest country in Southern America, they Mainly Speak Portuguese from Portugal Rule. They border every country in South America except Ecuador. They take lots and Lots of the Amazon Rainforest. What is this country?

Federative Republic of Brazil  


This country was ruled by the Spanish. They gained freedom in 1903. This country also is in 2 continents, North and South America. It's capital is named after it's own country. It speaks Spanish from Spanish Rule. What Country is this?

Republic of Panama


This country was in Spanish Rule. They gained freedom in 1821. They also are in the Amazon River, but have a desert at the East. They have a past state with Bolivia, (can't tell or you know what the answer is.) Lot of people live in the Eastern part of this country. It is famously known for Llamas. What is this country?

Republic of Peru  


This Country was in Spanish Rule. They gained freedom in 1816. They own a Part of Antarctica. They speak Spanish, and have a Rivalry with the United Kingdom over the territory of the Falkland Islands. They share a waterfall with Brazil and their flag is very close of Uruguay. What is this country?

Argentine Republic

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