U.S. Supreme Court Cases
World War I
Causes of the American Revolution
Causes of the Civil War
World War II
Stated that segregation was illegal Overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson Georgia changed its state flag in 1956 because it was angry at having to enforce this
What is Brown vs. the Board of Education?
His assassination by a Serbian terrorist in 1914 was considered the spark that ignited WWI
Who is Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
The biggest cause of the American Revolution Britain defeated France...Indians fought on both sides King George III taxed the colonists to pay for this Called the 7 Years War in Europe
What is the French and Indian War?
Maintained the balance of slave and free states in Congress Missouri entered as a slave state Maine entered as a free state No slavery allowed above a line at the 36th parallel
What is the Missouri Compromise?
The U.S. declared war on the Axis Powers after this was attacked on December 7, 1941 FDR called it "A Day Which Shall Live in Infamy"
What is Pearl Harbor?
Declared unconstitutional in 1962 It violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment It had given the rural areas more power than the urban areas in elections
What is the county unit system?
Georgia's biggest contribution to WWI
What were military training camps?
The first direct tax on the colonies It was a tax on all paper products (books, playing cards, and newspapers)
What is the Stamp Act?
California entered as free state Slavery was banned in Washington, D.C. The South got the Fugitive Slave Act
What is the Compromise of 1850?
FDR brought this company to Marietta, GA It provided jobs and money to the community They produced the B-29 Bomber
What is Bell Aircraft?
Declared the Cherokee were a separate nation and did not have to follow Georgia's rules Chief Justice was John Marshall President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce it
What is Worcester vs. Georgia?
The sinking of this ship in 1916 angered President Woodrow Wilson
What is the Lusitania?
Passed by Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party Soldiers could be quartered or housed by the colonists Boston Harbor was closed until the tea was paid for No public meetings
What are the Intolerable Acts?
Two states could vote on how they would enter the Union: Free State or Slave State This concept is called Popular Sovereignty This turned into a "bleeding" mess
What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
They produced the Liberty Ships, which were cargo ships used in WWII They brought jobs and money to the community Many women took jobs here because the men were at war
What are the Savannah and Brunswick shipyards?
Declared that segregation was legal Stated that the races could be separated as long as there were equal facilities for both
What is Plessy vs. Ferguson?
This was the final straw that led the U.S. to declare war on Germany and enter WWI Germany promised to give back the SW United States to Mexico if they attacked the US
What is the Zimmermann Telegram?
The document written by Thomas Jefferson of Virginia Declared the colonies would be free of the king Signed by Hall, Gwinnett, and Walton from Georgia
What is the Declaration of Independence?
Since the Compromise of 1850 was so unpopular with the south, Henry Clay begged his Georgia friends to help him pass it Georgia signed this statement supporting the Compromise of 1850. It stopped the Civil War from starting in 1850
What is the Georgia Platform?
Starting in 1940, this program was how FDR got the US into WWII without sending troops It supplied the countries of Great Britain, France, China, and the Soviet Union
What is the Lend-Lease Act?
Stated that a Missouri man was not free, even though a lower court had set him free Stated that this man was property and had no right to sue
What is the Dred Scott case?
The U.S. joined this alliance, which began with Great Britain, France, and Russia. Italy would also join this alliance
What is the Triple Entente?
The document that split up land won from the French in the French and Indian War Colonists could not cross the Appalachian Mountains, which angered them because it stopped them from settling new land and making money
What is the Proclamation of 1763?
The word means to choose to ignore a federal law
What is nullification?
The mass murder of over 6 million Jews and other "undesirables" by Hitler's Nazis The prisons scattered all over Europe were called concentration camps
What is the Holocaust?
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