Civil War Events
Early Civil Rights Era
Modern Civil Rights Era
The Founding of Georgia
The American Revolution
The bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War The Union won a minor victory George McClellan was fired by Lincoln after letting Robert E. Lee and and the Confederates escape back to Virginia
What is the Battle of Antietam?
Laws designed to enforce segregation in the south were called this
What are Jim Crow laws?
The most well-known civil rights leader Got his start helping Rosa Parks in the Montgomery Bus Boycott Gave the "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington
Who is Martin Luther King, Jr.?
The head trustee of the new Georgia colony Did not allow slavery, buying or selling land, or drinking rum Defeated the Spanish in the Battle of the Bloody Marsh at Fort Frederica
Who is James Oglethorpe?
The slave who fought and was wounded fighting for the Patriots in the Battle of Kettle Creek
Who is Austin Dabney?
The turning point of the Civil War The Union defeated the Confederates on the third day of this battle The bloodiest overall battle in U.S. History
What is the Battle of Gettysburg?
This early Civil Rights leader gave a speech called the Atlanta Compromise He pushed accommodationism, which meant not to fight for civil rights but accept them at a slow and gradual rate He stressed working and education
Who is Booker T. Washington?
The failed attempt by Dr. King to desegregate bus waiting rooms The chief of police scattered the arrested protestors between several jails
What is the Albany Movement?
The document that created Georgia that was signed by King George II
What is the Charter of 1732?
The leader of the winning Patriots at the Battle of Kettle Creek
Who is Elijah Clarke?
Confederate victory in northwest Georgia Fought over control of the southern railroads which began in Chattanooga, TN
What is the Battle of Chickamauga?
This word mean denying the right to vote. Some examples were the poll tax, the grandfather clause, the white primary, and the literacy test
What is disenfranchisement?
The student led organization that led non-violent protests They boycotted, had sit-ins, and had marches Their first president was current Georgia Congressman, John Lewis
What is the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)?
In the Charter of 1732, the three reasons for settlement of Georgia
What were Charity, Economics, and Defense?
Colonists who did not want independence from Great Britain
What are Loyalists?
Total War - non-military citizens were targeted between Atlanta and Savannah Crops were destroyed, buildings burned, and farms were robbed Led by the General who had also destroyed Atlanta
What is Sherman's March to the Sea?
The early Civil Rights leader who demanded equal rights NOW He founded the NAACP at the Niagara Convention
Who is W.E.B. Du Bois?
We were the first black students admitted to the University of Georgia in 1961
Who were Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter?
The translator who interpreted between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Who is Mary Musgrove?
Revolutionary War battle that was a victory for the Patriots It boosted the morale of the Patriots and caused the "fence sitters" to believe the Patriots could win It also gave the Patriots horses and guns
What is the Battle of Kettle Creek?
The document signed by President Lincoln after the Union victory at Antietam It freed slaves in the rebellious states but did not free all slaves, especially those in the four border states
What is the Emancipation Proclamation?
He was the first black president of two colleges: Morehouse and Atlanta University She created the Neighborhood Union and was the first vice-president of the NAACP
Who were John and Lugenia Burns Hope?
This was formed to see how Georgians felt about desegregating public schools It found 60% of Georgians would rather close the schools than integrate They advised to allow integration on a limited basis
What is the Sibley Commission?
This was called Yamacraw Bluff when the colonists landed here on February 12, 1733 It was surveyed by Noble Jones and built in a series of squares It was Georgia's first city and first capital
What is Savannah?
The Patriots lost badly to the Loyalists (1000 to 18) The French navy helped the Patriots Georgia returned to being a royal colony, brought back Governor James Wright, and remained that way until the end of the war
What is the siege of Savannah?
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