Local Government
The New South
The New Deal
The legal name for a city
What is a municipality?
The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution did this
What is freed all slaves?
The Spokesman of the New South He also owned the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Who is Henry Grady?
The President of the United States who lived part-time in Warm Springs due to his contracting polio. He came up with many of the New Deal programs because of what he saw in rural Georgia.
Who is Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Georgia's location in regards to hemisphere, continent, nation, and region
What is the North and West hemispheres, North America, the United States, and the South, East, and Southeast regions of the U.S.?
These are created to meet specific needs of the people or to accomplish a specific task Examples are the Housing Authority, MARTA, the school system, and the airport
What is a special purpose government?
The black legislator from Georgia who was elected to the Georgia General Assembly right after the Civil War. He was expelled from the General Assembly because he was black
Who is Henry McNeal Turner?
The terrible event that occurred in downtown Atlanta when the newspapers wrote false stories that said black men had been beating up white women.
What is the Atlanta Riot of 1906?
This is the New Deal program where farmers were paid subsidy checks to stop growing cotton and tobacco. The plan was to diversify crops and grow more food products
What is the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)?
The region of Georgia that is characterized by its red clay hills and is the most populated region.
What is the Piedmont region?
In this form of city government, the mayor has no power to veto, to choose committee members, or override the budget.
What is a weak-mayor council government?
What did the 14th Amendment do for former slaves?
What is made them citizens of the United States?
A Jewish pencil factory manager who was wrongly accused and convicted of murdering a young girl. He was taken from his cell and lynched by an angry mob.
Who is Leo Frank?
The New Deal Program that brought electricity to the rural areas of Georgia. It was inspired by FDR's power bill in Warm Springs being 4X that of his mansion in New York.
What is rural electrification?
The natural boundary that makes up the western boundary with Alabama
What is the Chattahoochee River?
In this form of city government, the mayor is a powerful leader of the executive branch. He/she can veto the council, override the budget, and appoint committees
What is a strong-mayor council government?
The 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave this right to former slaves
What is the right to vote?
The event that brought northern investors to the South to see how the farmers were industrializing their farms and showing off their products in hopes of receiving the investors' money
What is the International Cotton Exposition?
The only New Deal program that still exists today. It is designed to help the retired, elderly, widows, and orphans.
What is Social Security?
The largest freshwater swamp in North America
What is the Okefenokee Swamp?
This is the form of city government where the city council hires a manager to run the city. The mayor can be elected or appointed
What is a council-manager government?
Former slaves often had to return to their former owners to work to work for them but became indebted to them in two ways. One provided labor, while the landowner provided everything else The other brought their own tools and animal while the landowner supplied the rest.
What are sharecroppers and tenant farmers?
He started off as a lawyer who became the leader of the Populist Party of Georgia, supporting all small farmers from every race. He was elected to Congress for one term but when he lost he became a vicious racist.
Who is Tom Watson?
The New Deal program designed to give young, unemployed men jobs. They built roads and bridges, restored battlefields, streams, and revers, and beautified state parks
What is the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)?
Air (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) Ports (Savannah and Brunswick) Railroads Interstate Highway System
What are the four forms of transportation?