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Adult Justice
Civil War People
A charge that the bank pays you to use your money OR Its the money a bank or credit card charges you to use their money
What is interest?
The natural boundary that separates Georgia from South Carolina
What is the Savannah River?
The Voting Age in the U.S.
What is 18?
An offense that has a punishment of less than 1 year in prison and less than a $1000 fine
What is a misdemeanor?
The overall commander of the Confederate army. He had some great victories at the beginning of the war but suffered losses at Antietam and Gettysburg before surrendering at Appomattox Court House in 1865.
Who is Robert E. Lee?
Spending money in the hope of earning more money than is spent The Stock Market is a good example
What is investing?
The smallest region of Georgia. It is located in the TAG corner of Georgia. It used to be where we mined coal
What is the Appalachian Plateau?
The type of election where the candidates narrow down the challengers to one from each political party to run in the general election?
What is a primary election?
The court that handles search warrants and arrest warrants. It is one of the three courts found in every county of Georgia
What is magistrate court?
The Georgian who supported slavery but opposed secession. He later became the Vice-President of the Confederate States of America
Who is Alexander Stephens?
Using your cell phone or electricity before paying for it are examples of this
What is credit?
The natural boundary between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain regions. It stopped settlers due to the waterfalls and fast moving rivers.
What is the Fall Line?
Two things that will not allow you to vote
What is being in jail for a felony and being declared mentally incompetent?
Breaking the law involves this type of case
What is a criminal case?
The Union General who fought many winning battles during his Atlanta Campaign and then destroyed much of Georgia during his March to the Sea
Who is William T. Sherman?
A person who assumes all the risk in starting a new company or business
What is an entrepreneur?
It can be described as warm in the summer and mild in the winter. It attracts businesses and the military for year round training.
What is the climate?
The type of election where the top Democrat faces the top Republican in a November election in even numbered years. Third party candidates and independents can also run in this type of election
What is the general election?
The person who is accused of a crime in a criminal case or the person charged with committing the wrongdoing in a civil case
What is the defendant?
Union General Winfield Scott's name for the blockade of the southern ports
What is the Anaconda Plan?
The amount of money left over after you pay your bills is called this
What is a profit?
The largest region of Georgia where the best farming takes place
What is the Coastal Plain?
The type of election where the people are able to vote on a law
What is a referendum?
In a criminal case, the person bringing the charges are called this BUT in Civil Cases, the person bringing the complaint is called this
What is a prosecutor and a plaintiff?
The Union General who took over in late 1864 and drove the Union to victory when Robert E. Lee surrendered to him in 1865. He would later be elected president of the United States
Who is Ulysses S. Grant?