Structure of Georgia's Constitution
The Legislative Branch
The Executive Branch
The Judicial Branch
Juvenile Justice
The concept that Georgia's government is divided into three equal branches Legislative: Makes Laws, Executive: Enforces Laws, Judicial: Interprets laws
What is separation of powers?
The major power of the legislative branch
What is to make laws?
The head of the executive branch Must be 30 years old Must have been a U.S. citizen for 15 years Must have been a resident of Georgia for 6 years Can only serve two consecutive terms
Who is the Governor?
The court responsible for wills and estates, property deeds, hunting licenses, and marriage licenses It's one of the three courts that you will find in every county (Magistrate Court and Juvenile Court are the other two)
What is Probate Court?
This is also called a status offense in Georgia. It means that the act would not be a crime if committed by an adult Examples are running away from home, skipping school, and breaking curfew
What is an unruly act?
System of limiting the roles of each branch It helps each of the three branches to stay even and not become more powerful than another
What is checks and balances?
Most work in the legislative branch occurs in these Some examples are standing, ad hoc, joint, and conference
What are committees?
You must meet the following qualifications to hold this executive branch office: 30 years old U.S. Citizen for 15 years Resident of Georgia for 6 years Can serve unlimited terms Operates as the President of the Senate
Who is the Lieutenant Governor?
This court has appellate (power to hear appeals) jurisdiction over the state of Georgia's courts Death Penalty cases are automatically reviewed by this high court Their term of office is 6 years
What is the Georgia Supreme Court?
Juveniles do not go on trial. They go through this step which determines their guilt or innocence
What is an adjudicatory hearing?
A group centered around a set of shared ideas and interests They help voters know what a candidate stands for
What are political parties?
This position requires the following: 21 years old Resident of Georgia for 2 years | Resident of their district for 1 year
What are the qualifications to be in the House of Representatives in the Georgia General Assembly?
This is one of the governor's most important powers. It is also a way that the executive branch checks and balances the legislative branch
What is the power to veto?
The punishment for this type of crime is more than 1 year in prison and more than a $1000 fine. These are usually the more serious crimes
What is a felony?
If the juvenile judge finds the juvenile guilty, this step occurs where the judge takes statements from parents, teachers, and counselors to help him/her determine sentencing for the juvenile
What is a dispositional hearing?
The introduction to the Georgia Constitution The U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence also have one
What is a Preamble?
The qualifications for this job are: 25 years old Resident of Georgia for two years Resident of their district for one year
What are the qualifications to be in the State Senate in the Georgia General Assembly?
The largest of the three branches
What is the executive branch?
Judges in Georgia are elected in this type of election It means they have no ties to a political party
What is a non-partisan election?
These are crimes that if a juvenile between the ages of 13-17 commits, they could be tried as adults in the Superior Court
What are the "Seven Deadly Sins?"
This is a list of individual freedoms and limits on the government The Georgia Constitution lists them first, while they are at the end of the U.S. Constitution
What is the Bill of Rights?
The following are part of what legislative process: Drafting/Introduction Committee Assignment Floor Vote Other House Vote Governor signs or vetoes
What is how a bill becomes a law?
One of the governor's important duties is to prepare this It is a schedule of how Georgia makes and spends its money. This can be difficult because the Constitution does not allow Georgia to go into debt The legislative branch approves and passes this
What is the state budget?
The type of court case that involves a wrongdoing being committed but no crime is involved.
What is a civil case?
Juveniles have many of the same rights as adults, such as the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. However, this is one right that juveniles DO NOT have
What is the right to a trial by jury?
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