Impact of Seven Years War
The Canadian Fur Trade
Seven Years War

How many English Colonies fought in the Seven Years War?



The Seven Years War led to the birth of what two important nations?

Canada and the United States


The Canadian Fur Trade was dominated by what two companies?

The Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company


What two alliances were formed in 1750?

France, Spain, Austria and Russia


Britain, Hanover, and Prussia 


This colony was once called New Amsterdam (New York/Paris)

New York


How long was the Seven Years War?

9 years


What two revolutions did the Seven Years War lead to?

The American Revolution and the French Revolution


What were some tools that First Nations taught Europeans to use in order t travel on the rough land in cold climates?



-Dog sleds


On what four continents did fighting occur in the Seven Years War?

North America, Europe, Africa, and South Asia (India)


The British fought the war but got a lot of debt. The British needed money, so they taxed the (The Citizens of Great Britain/American colonies) to get it.

American colonies


 What years did the Seven Years War take place?



The Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years War and gave France what territories?

1.France kept Guadaloupe and Haiti in the Caribbean

 2. France gained two small islands off of Newfoundland named St. Pierre and Miquelon 

3. Britain took all other French territories in North America


Fur during this time was traded for what items? Name five.



-Metal goods






Name two reasons for the importance of Quebec during this time.

1) supported by Louisbourg, Montreal, and various forts 

2) If Quebec fell then the French presence in NA would disapper


he French and Indian War set the stage for the (American Revolution/The War of 1812)

American Revolution


What year was The Treaty of Paris written?



What was the major problem for both Britain and France at the conclusion of the Seven Years War?

Massive debt


Who were "Country Wives?." Explain their role.

They were usually First Nations women and they strengthened ties between relatives and other First Nations groups. They often was used as:

-Interpreters-good for negotiations

-Had knowledge of the territory 

-Wilderness and survival techniques

-Made toboggans, snowshoes, and canoes

-Prepared food and made moccasins

-Created medicine 


Who was a major commander of the American militia in the Seven Years War?

George Washington


(British/French) colonists greatly outnumbered (British/French)colonists in North America.

British outnumbered French colonists.


For how many years since the Seven Years War was Britain viewed as the relatively undisputed number one world power?

100 years


After the war, who established a boundary along the Appalachians and recognized First Nations' title to the lands to the west?

King George III


What were the Marriage Policies for HBC and NWC during this time and why were they implemented?

HBC-thought women and children would cause needless expenses so the company forbade men to marry women. Men who managed the company ignored this rule and some practiced polygamy. Only high-ranking personnel could have marital relationships.

NWC- voyageurs were permitted to marry and it was seen as assurance that the fur traders would stay on the territory and become more successful 


Describe some of the important events that took place during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

a. British scale the cliffs and form up a in a battle line about a mile long and two lines deep

b. Montcalm decides to leave safety of the citadel and moves his army out to meet British

c. Wolfe orders his men to load two balls into  their muskets to create as much damage as possible in the first volley

d. Once the French close in on the British, their ranks begin to break as they fire in a disorganized way at Wolfe’s men

e. The British fire when the main French force comes within 30 yards (almost 30m); it cuts down the French with devastating effect

f. The British second line fire into the French with similar effect

g. The French retreat in disorder back into Quebec - the actual battle takes little more than 12 minutes.

h. Montcalm and Wolfe both die from wounds sustained on the battlefield


The British gained (Louisiana/Florida) as a a result of the war.