Parental Figures
Duck 2026

This sport is unanimously agreed upon by both parents as the worst one, as it is commonly proclaimed to be hated

What is soccer?


Despite her clueless nature outside of the classroom, Courtney was admitted and is attending a school in North Carolina whose rival is UNC. The mascot of her school is

What is the Blue Devil?


This is Travis's favorite restaurant. 

What is Buffalo Wild Wings?


This favorited vacation spot is also the name of a popular Netflix show. 

What is Outer Banks?


Despite wanting time to relax, play soccer, and be a normal teenager, Callie has condemned herself to join this cult of (mainly) Indian students and challenge herself academically.

What is S&E?


A show watched by both parental figures, featured on the hit streaming platform Netflix, follows a wealthy man who suddenly becomes broke and must move with his family. 

What is Schitt's Creek?


Courtney often lacks sleep, and when she needs some caffeine to keep her going, she chooses to turn to this shop. 

What is Rook?


When Travis is told to get out of his room, his bed, and the house, he often turns to this favorite location with friends. 

What is the Rec?


One of Daniella's favorite places to spend money, locations for this store include Belmar boardwalk, Marlboro, Freehold, and plenty others. 

What is Playa/Frutta bowls?


When Callie struggles to get through the day and gets one of her common headaches or migraines, she turns to this medicine to relieve her pain. 

What is Advil?


The majority of family members agrees that one of these needs to be installed leading into the computer room where Father normally works. 

What is a door?


This is Courtney's favorite all-time book series that follows a young girl being sentenced to death in an arena and then eventually leading a rebellion. 

What is The Hunger Games?

Travis fails to complete one of his few house responsibilities weekly, which includes bringing this to the curb. 

What is the garbage / recycling can?


Within the past 12 months, Daniella has traveled to this many different states for soccer (including New Jersey).

What is 8 states?


While hiding in her bed for hours on end, Callie loves spending time watching this favorite streamer. 

Who is Ramboo?


Mother claims to have ran into this famous singer (if Courtney remembers correctly), unbeknownst to her, while out and about with her children one day. He is also the singer of the Deadliest Catch theme song. 

Who is Bon Jovi?


When Courtney traveled to Finland a few years back, she participated in training sessions and played games against Finnish players. She played this many games while she was there. 

What is 3 games?


While waiting for food in the diner, during Travis's glasses phase, he often passed time by stacking these at the table. 

What are sugar packets?


Daniella claims she received these genes from both of her parents, accounting for her smelliness, hairiness, sweatiness, and elbow dryness.

What are bad/sicilian genes?


Callie often enjoys reading this genre of books. 

What is Science Fiction?


Name something the kids have wanted but has been repeatedly shot down by the parental figures. 

What is a dog? OR What is a trampoline?


During the COVID quarantine and lockdown, Courtney and Daniella would often wake up at 6 am (for no good reason) and run this amount before completing schoolwork. 

What is two miles?
At one point in his life, this was Travis's main form of transportation. 
What is a bicycle?

Daniella claims that her favorite Guzzardo is this person.

Who is anyone but Carly?


When bored or needed, Callie often will pass time by baking endless amounts of this for the family to devour. 

What is banana bread?