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This thousand year old, goblin-made weapon can materialise in the Sorting Hat for a Gryffindor deemed worthy.

What is the Sword of Griffindor?


This Horcrux belonging to Lord Voldemort was the first of his to be destroyed and was in fact not even known to be one by the destroyer.

What is Tom Riddle's diary?


This creature possesses hair that can produce a "supreme" wand core and blood that can extend one's life.

What is a unicorn?


This centre of wizard shopping needs sits behind the Leaky Cauldron and has a peculiar directional name.

What is Diagon Alley?


The smallest of the three Quidditch balls, this can be caught by a Seeker during the game to net 150 points for their team.

What is a (golden) snitch?

The Sorting Hat formerly belonged to this founder of Hogwarts.

Who is Godric Gryffindor?


This morally dubious professor foolishly divulged information on Horcruxes to a young Tom Riddle.

Who is Horace Slughorn?


Unlike the rapper of a similar namesake, you may study this plant like creature in your herbology class.

What is a mandrake?


The interior of Hogwarts was filmed in the Bodleian Library located in this real-life famous university city.

What is Oxford?


Wizards and witches not being ones to shy away from violence, there have been this many large scaled conflicts called the Wizard Wars.

What is 2?


Not quite where it's sold - this is the rare moment when the Sorting Hat is unable to decide on a student's house for over five minutes.

What is a hatstall?


In this memorable movie scene, before Ron destroys the Slytherin Locket it fabricates a vision of Harry and Hermione culminating in them doing this.

What is kissing?


This dangerous wooded area housing many magical creatures is off limit to students in most circumstances, detention being one exception.

What is The Forbidden Forest?


As it's name suggests this highly secret Hogwarts room only appears to those in dire need of it.

What is the Room of Requirement?


This charm, often used to remove a wand from an enemy duelist's hand, was taught to Harry Potter by Professor Snape and was critical in his victory over Voldemort. 

What is the disarming charm?


Proving itself multitalented, in the books the Sorting Hat creates a new one of these every year to introduce every sorting ceremony.

What is a song?


In the novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw is destroyed by fiendfyre cast by this antagonistic Hogwarts student.

Who is Vincent Crabbe?


Centaurs, only known as beasts due to their refusal to be classified 'beings', are considered particularly skilled at this type of magic, befitting of seers.

What is divination?


The invaluable Marauder's Map plots the map of Hogwarts, but also follows the movements of those around it due to this charm.

What is the homonculous charm?


The Triwizard Tournament is a competition between Hogwarts, Durmstrang and this other acclaimed European wizarding school.

What is Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?


Angus Buchanan snuck into a feast to have the Sorting Hat placed on his head, but was not given a house because he was this.

What is a squib?


Whilst most of Lord Voldemort's victims for his Horcruxes died in the UK, Voldemort also created a Horcrux by killing a peasant in this country.

What is Albania?


Despite having the intelligence to be classified as a 'being', the sheer viciousness of these arachnid creatures lands them the classification of 'beast.'

What are acromantulas?


This small village with a shadow hanging over it was called home by the Riddles and their late gardener Frank Bryce before all of them were murdered by Tom Riddle himself.

What is Little Hangleton?

What you and I may call a fist fight, a brawl or any physical assault goes by this more fanciful term in the wizarding world.

What is muggle dueling?

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