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This new product launched just this week aims at discouraging fraudulent wrenching to game free ebike rides in Citibike (and will allow us to collect revenue from riders that value the full ebike experience)

What is Classic Mode Cosmo?


Though we'd never be suprised to catch David zipping about in an Aston Martin or at the F1 race in Monza, the real "Fast Car" is the 1988 debut single by this singer-songwriter.

Who is Tracy Chapman?


Though he may have been confused for the new beau of famous Brit Liz Hurley, this kissed-by-a-rose pop star once texted David

Who is Seal?


Doubling our scale, in the Foster Era, Lyft acquired PBSC forging the best and strongest micromobility dream team in the industry. This is the number of countries with systems supplied by PBSC.

What is 15?


Surprise conniseur of fast food, David Foster once ate a meal at 1,310 mph on this supersonic jet

What is the Concorde?


This is the only continent that David has not (yet) visited

What is Africa?


On Feb 18, 2020, David's first day at Lyft, a new world record was set for the tallest stack of M&Ms. How many were in the stack?

What is 6?


David previously use to train in the UK with Sir Steven Redgrave, a 6 time Olympic Chamption in this sport...

What is rowing?


This is the approximate number of miles David flown to date? (Correct answers are w/in 500K)

What is over 5 million?


We've set a ton of new ridership records lately - like, literally Dom is posting a new one every day - but, it is important to note that every single market we operate has set records repeatedly in the Foster Era. TBS as a whole saw its all time highest ridership on this day.

What is September 17, 2022?

(Rides: 248,846)


In January 2022, two celebrities purchased the John F. Kennedy, a decomissioned 277-foot vessel from this transit line, which serves less than half the annual riders of Citibike

What is the Staten Island ferry?


British PM, Head of UK Police, Head of UK Armed Services, and UK Chief Justice are all big movers and shakers across the pond (or so David says), this is the only leader of the titles listed that was not at school with David.

Who is the Chief Justice?