IMPROVE the moment
Self-Soothings Skills
STOP & TIP Skills

The ACCEPTS skills help distract us from emotional pain. Why do we sometimes need to distract ourselves from pain?

Sometimes our pain is overwhelming and sometimes our pain is related to situations that we cannot change. Continuing to focus on pain to lead us to get stuck with painful emotions. 


How can the IMPROVE skills help us deal with emotional pain?

These skills help us distract, soothe ourselves, and decrease negative feelings.


What are the 5 senses that can be used in self soothing skills?

touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing


What is a crisis?

A short term, highly stressful, difficult situation


What is a pros and cons list and why do we use it?

List of positives and negatives to help use evaluate and determine the best choice for ourselves. 


The 1st C stands for contributing. How can contributing or helping other people help distract us from our pain?

Helping others allows us to take the focus off ourselves and focus on others. Helping may lead to positive emotions. 


The E in IMPROVE stands for encouragement. Give an example of how you can encourage yourself when you are facing a difficult situation. 

Saying positive things to yourself like "you are strong you can get through this".


What does it mean to self soothe?

using different activities, thoughts, and experiences to help yourself decrease or tolerate negative feelings


When and why would we use the STOP skill?

when in an immediate crisis, to not act out impulsively


In order to complete a pros and cons lists what mind do you want to be in, emotional, rational or wise?

Wise mind


"E" stands for emotions. What activities can help us have opposite emotions if we are feeling really sad?

exercising, helping someone, watching funny tv, spending time with friends


The 'R' stands for relaxing, Identify 3 techniques people can use to relax.

deep breathing, yoga, bath, walk, warm drink


What are 3 ways you can self soothe using touch?

soft blanket, pjs, bath, stress ball, lotion


The T in STOP stands for take a step back, explain how we would use this skill.

Take a step back from the situation, take a break, do not act impulsively


What does it mean to be willing? Give an example

willing means that you make an effort to help, try something, accept things for what they are and not fight against them


The 2nd C stands for comparisons. How can we use comparisons to help distract ourselves from pain?

By looking at how others are struggling or how we struggled in the past may help us to recognize how things could be worse or in which we are fortunate. Compare to your past situations, what worked/did not work before, use that to guide judgement for current actions moving forward.


The "I" stands for imagery. What is imagery and how can it help deal with difficult emotions?

Imagery is using your mind to imagine a safe place, a happy memory, hearing a family members words, it can help distract from painful feelings


Identify 3 ways you can self soothe using hearing. 

music, listen to breath, nature, white noise


The TIPP skills help us to change our body chemistry to change how we are feelings. Identify what one of the letters of TIPP.

T-tip the temp

I-intensive exercise

P-Paced breathing

P-paired muscle relaxation


How can being willful get in the way of us dealing with our pain and moving forward?

Definition: willful--> having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects. 

When we are willful we can get stuck in certain feelings, not want to accept our life for what is it, and refusing to accept help or help ourselves


Your s/o breaks up with you and you are sad, angry and lonely. You feel overwhelmed and have thoughts of harming yourself. To distract yourself, you hold onto some ice cubes for 10 minutes. What ACCEPTS skill are you using



The V stands for vacation. What is this skill and how do we use this skill to help us cope with difficult emotions?

Take an hour break, go to the part, go to the woods, go to a cafe, turn your phone off, get some distance and space from your stressors


What are 3 ways you can soothe using vision?

watch nature, rain, flower, pictures, people watching


What TIP skill are you using when you put cold water on your face?

T-tip the temperature


What is radical acceptance and why would we want to try to have radical acceptance?

to wholly and completely accept a situation and work on coping with it and reducing suffering, not being stuck