Distress Tolerance
Emotional Regulation
Interpersonal Effectiveness
What are the two types of mindfulness skills?

WHAT and HOW skills


What are three distress tolerance skills?

TIPP, ACCEPTS, IMPROVE, Self-Soothe, Pros and Cons, STOP

Why are emotions important and how do they help us?

Give us important information for survival and about our values


What are the 4 GIVE skills? Explain one

be Gentle, act Interested, Validate, Easy manner

What's one thing you learned from IOP you'll take with you?


Identify one WHAT and one HOW skill

Observe, Describe, Participate

Don't Judge, Stay Focused, Do What Works


What are the four quadrants of a Pros and Cons chart?

1. Pros of acting on target behaviors

2. Cons of acting on target behaviors

3. Pros of resisting target behaviors

4. Cons of resisting target behaviors


What is the check the facts skill and what are the steps to using it?

CTF helps us check if our interpretations fit the facts of the situation, or if our thoughts are making things WORSE accidentally.

identify emotion, identify prompting event without judgments, identify interpretations, label the threat, ask if the emotion, the intensity and duration fit the FACTS 


What are the four FAST skills? Explain one

be Fair, no Apologies, Stick to values, be Truthful

F- be fair to yourself and the other person, validate both perspectives

A- don't apologize for existing

S- use your values as a guide

T- don't lie or act helpless


Name all of the IOP group leaders you've had


What does "one mindfully" mean?

This is part of the "Stay Focused" skill, where we do one thing at a time


In a pros and cons chart of target behaviors, what leads to SHORT term relief? What leads to LONG TERM relief?

short term = acting on target behaviors

long term = using DBT skills, resisting urges to act on target behaviors


When should we use Opposite Action?

When our feelings don't fit the facts, and/or if acting on the emotion urge would make things worse


What are the 7 skills in DEAR MAN? Explain one from DEAR and one from MAN

Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce/Reward, Stay Mindful, Appear Confident, Negotiate 

What's one piece of advice you'd give a new IOP member?

(or What's one question you have for a current IOP member?)


Reframe this judgmental statement to only include facts, not judgments or extreme language:

"My brother never, ever, ever shares his snacks with me, he's such a jerk"

My brother doesn't share snacks with me


Name three distress tolerance skills you've used this week and describe whether or not they were effective


What is the action urge associated with fear? What is opposite action to fear?

avoid and approach

DEARMAN, GIVE and FAST are skills to help us prioritize our needs in relationships. What are the three needs we might have in a conversation?

We have a request or need to say no to a request

We want to maintain or improve the relationship

We want to stand up for ourselves and increase our self respect


Name Aimee and Saturn's cats


What are 3 benefits of mindfulness?

- increased control of our attention

- increased enjoyment of activities, reduced suffering

- helps us make balanced decisions so we aren't overly logical or overly emotional


When do we use DISTRESS TOLERANCE skills? When do we use EMOTIONAL REGULATION skills?

when we are in crisis or our distress is 7+, we use distress tolerance skills to cope in the moment and temporarily distract us from our pain

we use emotional regulation skills throughout our lives to solve problems and build a life worth living


When do emotions become a threat to us and which skills can we use to decrease our vulnerability to emotion mind?

When our emotions become overwhelming and take us out of wise mind. ABC PLEASE 

(accumulate positives, build mastery, cope ahead, treat physical illness, balanced eating, avoid drugs, balanced sleep, exercise)


Which skill correlates with which objective? (DEARMAN, FAST, GIVE ---- Request/Say No, Self-Respect, Maintain/Improve Relationship)

dearman = request/no

fast = self-respect

give= maintain relationship


Do you have any feedback for how to make the IOP better?

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