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This individual has ran three variations of the same D&D character that all have shared the same name.

Who is Kali? (Sabbath Black)


The number of official Schools of Magic that spells are divided into

What is 8?


This villain shares his name with the specious of bird who's color scheme matches his style of outfit

Who is The Penguin?


This race was used as an example on how to homebrew a new race in the DM Manual's Dungeon Workshop chapter before making it's official debut in Volo's Guide to Monsters

What is Aasimar?


This hero has been burned down to just their skeleton and was able to completely regenerate from the injury within 24 hours

Who is Wolverine?


This metal negates disadvantage on stealth checks if worn as armor

What is Mithral?


This hero is the first artificial human to wield the Infinity Gauntlet in the comics and had his existence teased at the end of a Phase 2 Marvel Film

Who is Adam Warlock?


The least common type of damage that monster/npc stat blocks use

What is Radiant?


This rodent themed heroine is credited with defeating Deadpool, Wolverine, MODOK, Galactus and Thanos in numerous runs of her comic series outtings.

Who is Squirrel Girl?

The number of unique spellcasters with spells named after them in official 5e content

What is 16? Aganazzar, Snilloc, Tasha, Otto, Mordenkainen, Agathys, Hadar, Tenser, Melf, Nystul, Bigby, Otiluke, Leomund, Evard, Rawry, Drawmaji.


This DC villain possesses the highest IQ among non-superpowered mortals despite not being considered the smartest man on Earth and surprisingly has a higher IQ than his hero counterpart.

Who is The Joker? (350, Batman's is 290)

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