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Samuel bought 3 tires for $79.95 each. How much did he spend on the tires altogether?
What is $239.85
Megan went to the grocery store. She bought an apple for $0.52 and strawberries for $2.99. How much money did she spend?
What is $3.51
David earned $125.00 mowing yards every week this summer. He mowed 4 yards per week. How much did he earn for each yard he mowed?
What is $31.25
Logan paid $13.30 for 2.8 pounds of roast beef. Find the price per pound of the roast beef.
What is $4.75
0.57 + 3.12
What is 4
Samuel bought 3 tires for $79.95 each and 5 rims for $59.00 each. What was his total cost, before sales tax was added on?
What is $534.85
Potato chips cost $0.79 per bag and dip costs $1.28 per container. How much would it cost, excluding sales tax, for 12 bgas of potato chips and 20 containers of dip?
What is $35.08
Jan calls her cousin Tom every week. It costs $0.47 for the first minute and $0.27 for each additional minute. How much does Jan pay for a 9 minute call?
What is $2.90
George has a garden that covers 127.75 square feet. He wants to cover the soil of his garden with fertilizer. One bag of fertilizer covers 18.25 square feet. How many bags of fertilizer does George need?
What is 7
19.82 - 2.99
What is 17
The tire store sells 4 rims for $300 and sells 2 rims for $125. How much would it cost for 5 tires and 3 rims?
What is $562.50
Pears are priced at 3 for $1.47 and peaches are priced at 5 for $1.25. How much would it cost to buy 8 pears and 7 peaches?
What is $5.67
The local movie theater sells an average of 65.8 tickets on Thursdays and an average of 288.9 tickets on Saturday. How many more tickets are sold on Saturday?
What is 223.1
A bakery sells a dozen cookies for $4.20. What would be the price of one cookie? First, identify the operation used and then solve.
What is division. Each cookie costs $0.35
Estimate to the nearest tenth please. 13.46 + 2.31
What is 15.8
A gas station charges $1.49 per gallon of unleaded gasoline and $1.59 per gallon of super unleaded gasoline. How much would it cost for 12 gallons of super unleaded gasoline and a gallon of unleaded gasoline?
What is $20.57
Candy bars are priced at $0.75 per candy bar, and soda pops cost $0.95 each. Not including sales tax, how much would it cost for 28 candy bars and a soda pop?
What is $21.95
Maria and her family traveled 630 miles to Mexico for summer vacation. It took them 10.5 hours to reach their destination. How many miles did they travel per hour?
What is 60
Carmen earns $4.60 an hour working part time as a painter's assistant. She worked a total of 15.75 hours one week. How much money did she earn?
What is $72.45
Estimate to the nearest hundredth please. 17.3 - 12.172
What is 5.13
Ed drove 300 miles in 5 hours and Jo drove 280 miles in 4 hours. If they each continue to drive at these average rates, what is the total distance these 2 people would travel with Jo driving for 6 hours and Ed driving for 3 hours?
What is 600 miles
Molly bought 5.1 pounds of hamburger meat at $1.20 per pound and 9 pounds of oranges at $0.79 per pound. How much did Molly spend on these items?
What is $13.23
Mr. Michael's square garden has a perimeter of 225 inches. How long is each side of his garden?
What is 56.25
Jason went grocery shopping and bought the following items: peanut butter $3.98 bread $3.45 milk $3.35 pasta sauce $2.67 What was Jason's total grocery bill?
What is $13.45
9.72 x 3.44
What is 30