Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge (take 2)

What is the top-performing/selling program in the DEI vertical?

What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


You've asked the Skills question, and the PS responds with, "I want to improve my leadership skills." What would be your next step? 

What is probe more

The next step would be to probe more, ask more questions around skills- the goal is to list three specific skills, so we can best recommend a program during the Apply step. 


A potential student tells you during IMPACT that they need an invoice to submit to their company, who will then send a check. Once the invoice is generated, what would be your next step?

What is add to the check/wire doc 

Adding the information to the wire transfer/check doc- to ensure when the check is received, Accounting knows which EC it goes to- 


A PS tells you that want to consult after completion of our DEI program. Is this possible? 

What is yes-

Responses that Robyn shared this week:

This program will fully position you for success w/ best practices in the DEI space and provide downloadable content + tools to utilize as well. . Earning an Ivy League credential from Cornell solidifies your skills & expertise in the DEI space & many of our alumni who provide consulting services have found that the DEI cert is also a strong competitive differentiator that also assists with establishing solid credibility & securing/attracting/obtaining clients."

Our ILR School is globally renowned in the DEI space. We are also one of the few Universities that do not utilize a third party to design our certificate programs. Therefore, you will fully be positioned for success by gaining the authentic content and best practices encapsulated directly from our professors at Cornell University."


A PS receives a CUWELCOME email for $250 off Certificate price- they also see the banner on the website for 30% off- they asked if they can combine the two discounts- is this possibe?

What is no

Discount codes can not be combined 


Which program in the DEI vertical has a weekly meeting with facilitators and how many of the courses in that program have those live meetings?

What is DEI Dialogue for Change- 2/3 courses have a weekly meeting 


A PS will not provide a day or time for a follow-up call, this is the statement you can share that narrows down a follow-up date/time to receive full points during IMPACT.

What is, if I don't hear from you by (date) I will follow up with you on (date) at (time).


You scroll through a SF record for an RI, and notice that the POI and current s list do not match the PS's current program of interest based on pardot. What are your next steps according to the new SOP?

What is Update POI group and Remove from old s list and add current nurture campaign for their new POI


True or False, entry-level HR professionals will be successful in Executive Women In Leadership. 

What is false



The Fantastic Four tasks

What are:

-abandoned shopping carts, info session registration/attended, Renewed Interests, Conversation in drift


What course would we recommend for a potential student that lists the following as skills to focus on:

-further develop active listening skills

-provide generative feedback

-hare personal reflections and challenges

What is DEI Dialogue for Change


This is how many times you should attempt to ask the budget/start date question during IMPACT to receive full points if the PS will not provide an amount or month.

What is 2 times


You call someone and it is a bad phone number. Do you mark the record, "do not call" ?

What is no

When do we mark a record "do not call"?


ILR School Stands for

What is Industrial Labor Relations School


If a PS shares they have a discount outside of the EOM banner, this is where you can look.

What is pardot history (marketing emails)

*Reminder 1 in 4 see the discount on the website as well*


How long from the date of enrollment, do students have to attend a DEI Symposium?

What is 1 Year


The question(s) we should ask if the PS needs to go through employer approval

What is the approval process

What is your personal budget if this is not approved

What documentation/materials you need for approval


True or False- Discounts can not be applied if using PayPal Credit 

What is false

Who is the main course author for our DEI Certificate? 

Who is Lisa Nishii


True or False, you can split payments between PayPal and another form of payment.

What is FALSE, Paypal is all or nothing


Which program would you recommend for someone that explains that their role is 70% recruiting, 30% managerial? 

What is DEI: Building A Diverse Workforce

I would first ask what skills they want to prioritize, making sure I probe enough to make the most informed recommendation during the Apply step. Recommendation, depending on their response, would be either DEI: Building A Diverse Workforce or DEI. 


If a PS gives a lengthy answer that covers multiple questions, this is what the EC should do to ensure all information has been provided and receive full points during the probe stage.

What is recap the PS's response, and ask a follow-up question (ie: what else would you add, OR you mentioned your goal is a career transition into HR, what types of roles are you seeking?)


True or False, if someone stops their PAYG payments or the payments do not process, they can re-enroll in PAYG?

What is false


Which course in the Equitable Community Change Certificate is heavy on data?

What is Leveraging Data for for Social and Community Change?


1 in _____ see the discount on the website.

What is 1 in 4.