Armando has 120,000 games. He only has 50 boxes. How many games will go in each box?
2,400 Games
There's going to be 129 people at the fall festival and there are 39 booths there. There are an equal number of people at each booth. How many people will be at each of the booths?
3 people (R12)
Courtney has $284. She has 48 friends to give the same amout of money to each friend. How much money does each friend get?
$5 (R $44)
Everyone sing the problem solving song. Underline the question, Circle information, Cross out extra info. The problem solving plan!!!
Braelyn is going to buy some stuffed animals that cost $12 each. She has $380 to take to the store. How many stuffed animals did she get?
31 stuffed animals (R $8)
Chandler is going on vacation. He is packing 213 toys and 8 pairs of clothes. If he wants to put his stuff in 36 suitcases, how much stuff will go in each suitcase?
6 items in each suitcase with R5 items left out.
Chelsea has 738 kittens. She divides them into 54 goups so they can sleep, play, eat, and drink. How many kittens will there be in each group?
13 kittens (R36)
Phaidra has 536 nail polishes, 602 nail stickers, and 600 mascaras. She wants to separate the nail polish and sickers into 30 boxes and half of the mascaras into those same boxes. How many nail polishes, stickers, and mascaras are in each box? Good Luck!
42 R 28
If Justin trapped 560 hogs in 15 traps, how many hogs where in each trap?
37 hogs in each trap (R5)
Mrs. Carry is raising money for needy people. So far, she has $7,491. There are 89 people she is giving to, also there are 7 people that work there. How much money will each person get, how much is left over?
$91 for each needy person and $29 left.
There are 312 mustangs at the rodeo and they have to seperate them in 10 rings. How many mustangs will be in each ring? How many are not in a ring?
31 mustangs in each ring, and 2 not in a ring.
Alyssa has 200 snicker fun size bars to hand out on Halloween night. When the night was over 26 kids came to her house for candy. How much candy did each kid get, and how much was left over for her and her sister to munch on?
7 candies for each kid and 18 for her and her sister.
There were 36 stores on the block. Each store gets 1 sign. the flower shop got an order of 9,876 flowers. Each shelf can hold 54 flowers. How many flowers are not on the shelves.
Elizabeth's Animal Home has 17 locations. There have 117 horses, 237 dogs, and 183 cats they are taking care of. If they have the same amount of animals, how many animals are at each location?
31 R 10
Amanda has 360 cookies. She wants to put them in 33 boxes, how many cookies will go in each box?
10 cookies in each box (R30)
Zephryn is having a party. His mom baked 237 cupcakes and 59 kids are at the party. How many cupcakes does each kid get?
4 cupcakes for each kid, R1
Nicholas has $9,999. He gave his money to 33 friends. How much money did each friend get?
Stand up and sing!!! First you divide the numbers, then multiply, don't forget your subtraction Check all your work! Bring down you numbers, then start all over, don't you worry, it's almost over!
Mykal has 144 skateboards he wants to sell to 42 friends. How many skateboards will each friend buy? How many are left over?
3 to each friend and 18 skateboards not sold.
It takes 650 hours to do computer work. If you work none stop without sleeping, how many days will you complete your computer work?
27 days and 2 hours
Mrs. Rodgers has 14 tables in her classroom. She was given 168 chairs. How many chairs will be at each table?
12 chairs
Stand up and say, I will pass the division test!!!!
Great Job!!
Jimmy has 320 books. he has to put them in 30 boxes. How many are in each box?
10 books (R 20)
Andrew owns a cattle company. He bought 20,000 steers. Each bag of feed costs $11.25 and it feeds 17 steers. How many bags of feed does he need?
1,177 bags of feed
Don has 513 skittles. He was hungry and ate 15. Then, he decided to put them into 14 bags. How many skittles will he put in each bag?
10 R18
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