You are at a sporting event and during half time there was a contest to see if someone could make a shot from half-court. You get back to your seat after a trip to the bathroom and there is a guy running around all over the court and the crowd is screaming.
The guy made the shot OR The guy won the contest OR The guy won a million dollars OR
John needs to practice before his bands performance on Saturday. The problem is that his strings are all broken and the store is closed.
John plays (guitar, violin etc. )
Despite her science teacher constantly reminding her that to be a good scientist you don't need to use touch or taste, Shelly has decided to use that sense anyway. She has a baggie with blue crystals in them. She tastes them and they are sweet.
The substance is sugar (sugar with food colouring, she is in the science lab, scientists in the school experiments)
There is a guy sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. He keeps telling some crazt stories to different people who sit next to him. He looks like he is hoping to give a box of chocolates to someone.
You are watching Forrest Gump
Roberts favorite food is pizza. He just inherited $400,000 dollars from his late Aunt Helga. Helga has always encouraged Robert to follow his dreams because she never had the chance to. He suddenly thinks of a great idea for what to do with the money.
Robert is going to open a pizza restarant
You have been hitting a little white ball around. One time you found it in the sand, the next time in the high grass. You just hit it and then you hear an extremely loud splash.
You are playing golf (and just hit your ball in the water)
Bob and Doug are surrounded by thousands of people. All of a sudden the lights turn off and the crowd starts to cheer.
They are at a concert (which is about to start)
You find 3 bottles all containing liquid. The first is a water bottle the second is vegetable oil and the third is some green liquid without a label. You mix them together and when you look at the mixture you see the water at the bottom, then the oil and the green liquid floating at the top
That the green liquid is less dense (lighter) than the oil and the water
The screen is dark. All of a sudden you hear planes screeching over head. Shadows appear to be running everywhere. An explosion lights up the theatre and you hear voices shouting.
You are watching a war movie
Justin is sitting on the couch playing X-box when his sister comes into the house with the dog. Sparky comes over to the couch and Justin notices that his fur is all wet. He glances towards where his sister was standing and just sees her hang up a yellow jacket.
It is raining outside
Bob and Steve are very competitive. Steve has more pins than Bob and Bob is not happy. The next time its Steve's turn he decides to gloat about having a better score. Bob tells Steve to cool it or he'll throw him down the gutter.
Bob & Steve are bowling (Bob has a bad temper, is a sore loser)
Jon is a very small boy who is in the highschool band. He loves being in the band but he has a problem. Everytime he wants to bring his instrument home to practice he needs help to carry it.
Jon plays a heavy instrument (Tuba, Baritone etc.)
You come into class and Miss Williamson has spread out books on the table about Nuclear Reactors and Wind Turbines. There is also a big box of batteries sitting beside the door. You just finished you last unit on matter yesterday.
You are about to start a new unit (on electricity or on energy)
The guy who was sitting next to you bumps into you as he is stretching. He apoligizes and you accept. He puts his jacket on starts to walk down the stairs. You look at the line by the door and decide to wait for a while.
You are at the theatre and the movie just ended
Adam's entire family just finished racing to the hospital. They scrammble to find out what floor he is on. They find out that he is on the third floor and take the first elevator up. They find his room and open the door. He is standing there quietly with something in his arms. He is smiling and his parents start to cry, but they are tears of joy.
Adam is holding his new baby
The umpire just threw one of the players out of the game. Your Dad gets back to the seats with some hotdogs and cold drinks and asks what did he miss. You suddenly hear the sounds of motors running and look up to see the roof closing.
You are at a baseball game (Toronto Blue Jays game @ Rogers Center)
Sally loves Hannah Montana. She is walking past a music store at the mall when she see's someone is signing autographs. She is about to walk past the store, does a double take and runs inside the store.
Miley Cirus is signing autographs
You walk into the lab and there are worksheets on each desk. The teacher gives you a set of instructions and tells you to make a hypothesis before you start.
You are conducting an experiment
Gino and Peter are watching a movie with robots in it when Gino's phone rings. Peter starts to get mad and tells him to turn his stupid phone off. When they return their attention to the screen there are no more robots, just what appear to be cars and trucks.
Watching transformers.
Mark and Mindy are eating out at their favorite restaurant. Mark orders dessert and the waiter brings is over. Mindy is about to take a bite when she notices something shiny sticking out the top of it. Just as she's trying to take a closer look Mark starts to ask her something.
Mark is going to propose to Mindy
Its so cold you can see your breath which is surprising since its the middle of June. Suddenly a puck lands in your lap and spills your drink all over you.
You are at a Hockey Game (hockey arena)
Frank's favorite musician is Jimi Hendrix. His mother keeps telling him that he should learn to play an instrument, so today she has given him her credit card. Frank is now at the cashier who is wrapping up his purchase in a new case.
Frank just bought a guitar
Bob and Terry return from a satisying and healthy lunch (no pop or junk food) and notice that there are a bunch of spheres hanging from the ceiling in the classroom. Some of them are really big others very small. There is an orange one hanging in the center of the room right above Terry's desk.
The class is doing a lesson on the planets (the spheres are the planets, orange one is the sun.)
A mad with a funny hat and a cane dance across the screen. Larry is wondering what is wrong with this movie because there is no colour and the sound doesn't appear to be working.
Larry is watching a Charlie Chaplin movie (or a silent movie or a very old movie)
Neil gets paid every tuesday. He has been broke for the last 6 days, but right now he is on his way to the mall and do some shopping.
Today is tuesday, he just got paid