Conclusions 1
Making Inferences 1
Antonyms 1
The wind blew through the rigging as the boy watched the clouds roll in. As the waves grew bigger and bigger, he decided it was time to head home. What is the boy doing? a. eating breakfast b. sailing c. riding his bike d. playing with his friends
What is B. sailing
Inferring: What can you "infer" by reading the passage below? "I hate the idea of having all those people out there watching me...I just don't like it when I'm around so many people. I wish I just could hide somewhere," whispered Violet. a. Violet can be a mean girl b. Violet can be somewhat relaxed c. Violet is probably somewhat shy
What is c. Violet is probably somewhat shy
Which of the following are antonyms? a. big and tall b. enormous and huge c. good and bad d. silly and funny
What is c. good and bad
Which word means to take responsibility for a mistake? A. fault B. faint C. slimy D. Insisted
What is A. fault
Michael and Seth are on their way to Benson State Park. They like to go to the park on weekends during the winter. They like to skate on the frozen lake. Every day, the park ranger checks the ice on the lake. If it is safe to skate, she puts up a sign that says, TODAY THE ICE IS SAFE. If it is not safe to skate, she puts up a sign that says, TODAY THE ICE IS NOT SAFE. Michael and Seth are at the park. They read the sign for today, and then put on their skates. You can tell that... a. Today is Saturday. b. Today is a safe day for skating. c. Today is a warm day. d. Today is not a safe day for skating.
What is B. Today is a safe day for skating
The skunk starts hissing, clicking its teeth, and stamping its feet. What can you infer? a. The skunk is warning you. b. The skunk is spraying you. c. The skunk is biting you. d. The skunk is playing with you.
What is a. The skunk is warning you.
Which is an antonym for DROUGHT? a. drenching b. dryness c. sleepy d. dissatisfied
What is a. drenching
This book is a good source of information. A. information B. reference C. local D. apologize
What is B. reference
Shanay had never seen so many fish before. She looked around at the huge tanks and could see hundreds of fish, crabs, shrimp, and all other amazing creatures completely surrounding her. She never thought she could feel like she was completely underwater, yet still be completely dry. Where was Shanay? a. the ocean b. the aquarium c. to pool d. a park
What is b. the aquarium
To make an inference, you... a. use background knowledge and details from the text b. make a prediction c. use details from the text and a prediction d. guess about what will happen next
What is a. use background knowledge and details from the text
After the snow storm we were able to build a snowman. Which is an antonym for build? a. create b. accept c. destroy d. fix
What is c. destroy
To use something and return it is to __________ it. A. faint B. apologize C. borrow D. keep
What is C. borrow
Once upon a time, dogs used to bury their bones to help keep them safe from other animals. Even though most dogs have plenty of food to eat today, their instincts still tell them to bury their bones and favorite toys. Based on the passage above, why do dogs today still hide their bones and toys? a. They think it is a fun game. b. They like to save a snack for later. c. They enjoy digging them up. d. They want to hide them from other dogs.
What is d. They want to hide them from other dogs.
Annie could hear the music playing over the loud speaker in the mall. She and her mother were shopping for a present for her father. Annie could see a big line in the center of the mall. She wondered what all the people were waiting for. She then heard a jolly "HO! HO! HO!" from the center of the crowd and she quickly realized what the people were waiting on. As Annie and her mother walked through the mall, she noticed that the store windows were decorated with green, white, and red decorations. Which of the following is a conclusion that could be made from the story? a. Annie and her mother were shopping for a birthday present for Annie's father. b. The music was coming from a band. c. The mall is close to Annie's house. d. The people were waiting in line to see Santa Claus.
What is d. The people were waiting in line to see Santa Claus.
We had to TRIM the items on our list so we could afford everything. If add is an antonym of trim, then trim means: a. pay b. close c. increase d. cut
What is d. cut
If you do something wrong to someone you must do this to let them know it wasn't on purpose. A. laugh B. apologize C. cry D. leave
What is B. apologize
The van was packed full, and some things were attached to the luggage rack on top. My mom and dad, two sisters, and I left early Saturday morning for a one week vacation. We were going about halfway, 400 miles, the first day. My dad had made a reservation at a motel just off the highway. We were moving along on schedule, when all of a sudden there was a bang, and the car lurched. My father grasped the steering wheel tightly to keep the car under control, and then drove it onto the shoulder of the road out of the way of traffic. What do you think happened? a. We were out of gas. b. The things of the top of the car had fallen off. c. The car hit a rock. d. We had a blowout.
What is d. We had a blowout.
Burkina Faso is a country in Africa that was once owned by France. Today, the country of Burkina Faso has a population of over 15 million people. Residents are divided into two different tribes: the Voltaic Mossie and the Mande. Based on the passage above, you can infer that which language is likely spoken in parts of Burkina Faso? a. Spanish b. French c. English d. Afrikaans
What is b. French
An antonym for SLENDER is a. skinny b. fat c. nice d. beautiful
What is b. fat
The boys mom demanded or _______ that he clean his room. A. Thanked B. asked C. insisted D. fainted
What is C. insisted
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