Sphere's 1
Sphere's 2
Interacting Spheres
The layer of the Earth that includes living organisms
What is biosphere?
This sphere includes all the air around the earth
What is the atmosphere?
Three atoms of oxygen are chemically bonded to form an ozone molecule. What layer of the atmosphere are these molecules found absorbing the ultraviolet solar radiation?
What is Stratosphere layer?
Sometimes fires burn down large areas of forests that are part of the biosphere. Which of Earth’s other system is MOST likely to be affected? A.geosphere B. cryosphere C. atmosphere D. hydrosphere
What is C? Atmosphere
The atmosphere is divided into 4 layers. Which layer constitutes the most mass? A. The mesosphere B. The stratosphere C. The thermosphere D. The troposphere
What is D? The troposphere
All of the solid water on earth
What is Cryosphere?
This sphere includes all the liquid water on earth.
What is hydrosphere?
The warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of earth that occurs when water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases absorb and reradiate thermal energy
What is greenhouse effect?
Which of these parts of the Earth system are interacting when Florida’s orange trees grow? A. Biosphere, hydrosphere, & atmosphere B. Geosphere, cryosphere,& atmosphere C. Biosphere, hydrosphere, & cryosphere D. Cryosphere, atmosphere, & hydrosphere
What is A? Biosphere, hydrosphere, & atmosphere
Even though Carbon Dioxide is a small percentage of the Earth’s atmosphere it greatly influences the __________ of the atmosphere. A. Mass B. Height C. Heating D. Density
What is C? heating
78% of this sphere is Nitrogen
What is atmosphere?
Name the layer where the ozone is located
What is stratosphere?
The measure of force with which air molecules push on a surface
What is air pressure?
Amber is walking down the sidewalk & the wind is blowing her hair & skirt. Which parts of the Earth system are interacting? A. hydrosphere and geosphere B. atmosphere and biosphere C. cryosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere D. geosphere, cryosphere, and atmosphere
What is B? atmosphere & biosphere
Earth Scientists have identified 4 distinct layers of the atmosphere. Which of the following defines the layers of the atmosphere? A. Their density B. Their altitudes C. Their air pressure D. Their temperature
What is D? their temperature
The layer of the atmosphere where weather takes place…
What is troposphere?
All planets have a different physical compositions and atmospheres. What type of planetary conditions would you expect to have the thickest atmosphere? A. A planet with a hot atmosphere & weak gravity B. A planet with a hot atmosphere & strong gravity . C. A planet with a cool atmosphere & weak gravity . D. A planet with a cool atmosphere & strong gravity
What is D ? a planet with a cool atmosphere & strong gravity
The atmosphere is a boundary between Earth & outer space. What is the atmosphere? A. The layer of gases that surrounds Earth B. The layer above the Earth that contains ozone C. The layer above Earth where weather happens D. The layer above earth that is responsible for gravity
What is A? The layer of gas that surrounds Earth
While out on a walk by the river Emanuel noticed a bird fishing in the water and a raccoon feeding on the bank river. Which statement best describes an interaction of the spheres he is looking at? A. The biosphere gets matter from the atmosphere B. The geosphere gets energy from the atmosphere C. The biosphere get matter from the hydrosphere D. The atmosphere gets energy from the hydrosphere.
What is C? the biosphere gets matter from the hydrosphere
Of the following gases named, which one can trap the greatest amount of heat? A. Oxygen gas B. Nitrogen gas C. Carbon dioxide D. Ozone
What is C? Carbon dioxide (it is a greenhouse gas)
List all 5 spheres
What is Biosphere Hydrosphere Geosphere Cryosphere and Atmosphere ?
Name the four layers of the atmosphere from lowest to highest:
What is troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere ?
The atmosphere contains an abundance of gases. What are the 2 gases with the highest percentages? A. Nitrogen 78% & Oxygen 24% B. Nitrogen 78% & Carbon Dioxide 24% C. Carbon Dioxide 78% & Oxygen 24% D. Argon 78% & Oxygen 24%
What is A? Nitrogen 78% & Oxygen 24%
Rico is at the beach watching the waves. Which of these parts of the Earth system interacts with the hydrosphere to produce the waves at the beach? A. biosphere B. geosphere C. cryosphere D. atmosphere
What is D? Atmosphere
Ozone is a gas found mostly in the upper atmosphere. What is the main benefit of ozone? A. Ozone protects the Earth from loose space debris B. Ozone is responsible for rain, which provides water for Earth C. Ozone traps gravity so objects on Earth do not float away. D. Ozone filters out ultraviolet radiation from the sun & shields Earth from some of this harmful energy.
What is D? Ozone filters out ultraviolet radiation from the sun & shields Earth from some of this harmful energy
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