Reading and Writing Skills
Writing Strategies
(Elements & Techniques)
Multiple Choice Strategies
Argumentative Skills
Text-Based Analysis
(Central Idea Response)

Why do we number the paragraphs in STEP 1?

To be able to cite information correctly.


To be able to keep track of what we are reading.


Name any two literary ELEMENTS and define them.

Answers vary.


What is STEP 1 of the multiple choice strategy?

(You must include ALL details to earn credit.)

Read and Understand the question, not the answer.


True or False

I can base my claim on my opinion of the text.



Define central idea.

A central idea is the most important message, main idea or lesson learned.


List all of the steps involved in STEP 3 of the 5 Steps of Close Reading.

Underline important info

Box repeated words or phrases

Circle confusing words


What are the 4 types of conflict?

Person vs. Person

Person vs. Self

Person vs. Nature

Person vs. Society


What is STEP 2 of the multiple choice strategy?

Use the FUN strategy to (Find, Underline, Number) to read the most important part of the text.


Are you ready to write your essay? Why?

Text | YES | NO

1        x

2                   x


4        x

Yes because you cited from 3 different sources and have 2 for one side and 1 for the other.


Is the following central idea correct or incorrect? Why?

In The House on Mango Street, the central idea is that Esperanza doesn't like her name.

No because it is too specific; it mentions the character's name.


Describe the difference between STEPS 4 and 5. 

In step 4 you summarize what the chunk of text is saying and in step 5 you analyze what the author is doing in that chunk of text.


The following is an example of which literary technique:

You are as bright as the star in the sky.



What is STEP 3 of the multiple choice strategy?

Predict your answer without looking at the answer choices.


State how many paragraphs your essay should be and what they are.

1. Intro

2. Body 1 (to support claim)

3. Body 2 (to support claim)

4. Counterclaim/ Rebuttal

5. Conclusion


A central idea is correct if it has the following . . .

It is a general statement.

It is a complete idea.

It can be backed up by evidence.


Describe the parts of the quote sandwich format and the purpose of each part.

Top Bun - Introduce idea of the quote in your own words.

Middle - Cite the quote correctly

Bottom - Explain what the quote is saying and make an inference about what the author is doing.

If the tone of the text is INDIFFERENT, is the tone positive, negative, or neutral?



What is STEP 4 of the multiple choice strategy?

Use process of elimination and then select the answer that best matches your prediction.



Name the 4 MUST HAVES in your argumentative essay in order to receive a passing grade.

1. Clearly establish your claim.

2. Distinguish your claim from alternate or opposition claims.

3. Use specific, relevant, and sufficient evidence from at least 3 of the texts.

4. Correctly cite evidence by stating Text # and line #


On the text-based response in part 3, is it ok to analyze the central idea through the use of more than one writing strategy? Why or why not?

No, because the instructions clearly say you can only use ONE writing strategy to analyze the quote.


What does it mean to write with purpose and perspective? (Answer both parts of question to earn points)

To write with purpose means that you are thinking about the WHY behind the choices you are making in your writing. 

To write with perspective in mind means to think about who your narrator or speaker is and/ or to think about the point of view you are writing in. 


Create your own example of imagery.  

Answers vary.


What type of question is being asked here?

21 As used in line 76, the word “emulated” most

nearly means . . . 

(1) imitated (3) accelerated

(2) discredited (4) ignored

Words in Context


Is the following refutation correct or incorrect? Why?

Others feel that chocolate ice cream is not the best flavor because it's not good for you. For example, "Studies show that consuming chocolate ice cream causes more acne in adolescents." This means eating chocolate give pimples, but this argument is incorrect because vanilla ice cream tastes better.

It is NOT correct because the refutation didn't address the health reason presented in the evidence for the counterclaim.

What should the planning chart for Part 3 (the text-based response) include?

Topic | Central Idea | Writing Strategy | Evidence

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