Electromagnetism and Superconductivity
Famous Scientists
Iron, Gadominium, Nickel and Cobalt are all used to make these.
What is a magnet?
This is the separation of charge that is caused by bringing a charged object near a neutral object. The neutral object stays neutral but its charges are said to be _________ because the charges orientate such that the opposite charge of the charged object is closer to the charged object.
What is polarization?
This use of magnetism helps hikers navigate without the use of a GPS.
What is a compass?
This law is how we describe the magnetic field produced from a coil of wire when the magnetic flux inside the wire changes. This magnetic field opposes the change in magnetic flux caused by moving either the coil of wire or the magnet. When the magnetic flux inside a coil of wire changes, this causes electrons to flow around the coil of wire which then produces a magnetic field that opposes the change in magnetic flux.
What is Lenz's Law?
This guy wrote the first book on electricity and magnetism. He was Queen Elizabeth's personal physician. You could say he "sparked" the interest in electricity.
Who is William Gilbert?
When these are lined up in a ferromagnetic material we have a strong magnet.
What is magnetic domain?
This is how charge is transferred to another object via "touching" objects together.
What is conduction?
This use of static electricity helps keep our airs clean by removing pollutants from the air.
What is a smoke precipitator?
This is what we get when we combine the idea of zero resistance in a superconductor with Lenz's Law. This is what is responsible for the floating magnet or superconductor.
What is the Meissner Effect?
This man is responsible for determining the charge of a single electron. His experiment to determine the charge is so famous it is called the ________ oil drop experiment.
Who is Robert Andrews Millikan?
These are how we show how a north monopole magnet would behave near a magnet. They also are drawn from the north pole to the south pole.
What are magnet field lines?
This cage allows for people and electronics inside of it to be safe because the exterior is a conductor and the stuff inside is located on an insulator. As long as whatever is inside does not touch the cage, it is safe for any electrical discharge.
What is Faraday's Cage?
This use of a capacitor in these is why you should be careful when dealing with these. Also the reason to keep your hand in your back pocket.
What are electronics?
This is what we call the temperature that is the temperature at which a conductor starts becoming a superconductor.
What is critical temperature?
He improved and popularized electrophorus. He also has a unit for potential difference named after him.
Who is Alessandro Volta?
This is what we call the specific temperature at which a magnet, or possible magnetic material, loses its ability to be a magnet.
What is the Curie Point?
This type of material has a nice cubic crystalline structure that allows electrons to flow freely. This type of matter is the opposite of its counterpart which has complex structure and does not allow electrons to flow unless the material breaks down.
What is a conductor
This use of static electricity is one of Benjamin Franklin's contributions to the world of science. You could say he was very "sharp" for coming up with the specifications for __________ _____.
What are lightning rods?
This use of Magnetism and electricity is what powers many electronics. It involves spinning magnets such that current is induced in a coil of wire. It is used in power plants that utilize the wind's energy, water's energy, and fossil fuel energy.
What is an electromagnetic motor/generator?
This man realized what would later become know as the electric force or the force between two charged objects. His work in this area was so influential that they named this force as _______'s Law. He was also know for his work with fortifications and soil mechanics during his time in the French Army.
Who is Charles-Augustin de Coulomb?
This is what we call a material that only slightly attracts when put near a magnet or in a magnet field.
What is paramagnetic?
When a glass rod is rubbed with silk, the glass rod becomes positive while the silk because negative. They both have the same amount of charge but opposite. The total amount of charge is _________ even though the glass is positively charged and the silk is negatively charged.
What is conserved?
This use of magnetism allow electronics to store information in a very small amount of space. Also one of the main reasons why you do not want to have magnets near your computer.
What is a hard drive?
A superconductor is able to attract and repel a magnet at the same time. This is because the superconductor behaves as __________ material. This is also a word we use to describe the opposing nature of material to an outside magnetic field.
What is diamagnetic?
This man was very influential in American history and is famous for his kite experiment. He also greatly influenced America by proposing his idea of pointed lightning rods over spherical ones.
Who is Benjamin Franklin?