What if...
Big Deal or Little Deal
Feelings & Strategies

You keep forgetting to do your homework.

Make yourself a note, ask an adult for help remembering, set an alarm for homework time.

Your friend accidentally spilled their milk, what can you do to help them?
Help them clean it up.

My milk is spoiled. (Big deal or Little Deal) What should I do?

What is little deal.  Ask if there is more, accept the "no" if there isn't.


I cannot find my homework. I know I did it!

Sad, worried, angry - Take a break, take deep breaths, retrace my steps


Someone is being mean to you. What should you do?

Ask them to stop and if that doesn't work then ask and adult for help.

You want to play with a friend at recess. What should you do?
say, "Can you play with me?"

I forgot something in the lunch line. (Big Deal or Little Deal) What should I do?

What is little deal? Raise my hand and ask to go get it.


James stepped on the back of Chris's shoes on purpose in line.

Mad - Tell him to stop and tell an adult if you need more help.  If you need to calm down then take a break, imagine a happy place, ask to be moved in line


During recess, you see someone being bullied.

Tell the bully to stop and if that doesn't work, ask an adult for help.


You want to play with someone, but they say, NO!

Ask another friend.


Someone is being mean to me and I am getting really upset

What is big deal. Ask them to stop, walk away, tell an adult


There is a test today and I didn't study!!!

Nervous or scared - stay focused on the test and try your best


My classwork is way too hard for me to do.

Ask for help, spend extra time practicing homework, keep trying


Someone is calling you names and generally making fun of you.

Ask them to stop and tell an adult if you need help.


My pencil broke!

Little deal, raise hand and ask to sharpen or get a new one


I lost at the game I am playing.  How do I feel?

Upset/Sad/Angry - walk away for a minute, play with a fidget, sit quietly and breathe


You just watched your classmate take something from another friend that does not belong to them.

Privately tell an adult what you saw


What character traits should a good friend have?

Kind, considerate, honest, helpful


My computer crashed and I lost all of my work.

Big deal - stay calm, use a calming strategy if you need to, then explain to the teacher what happened and ask for help with how to fix the problem.


Mom said we could have pizza tonight, now she says "no"

Disappointed - don't overreact - ask mom if there is another time we can have pizza

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