Hope throughout Ellipsis
Ellipsis basics and values
Despair throughout the Cliental
God within the group
Extra Points

Staff at Ellipsis showcase trust, one of the three allies of hope. They are trusted with the clients that they serve to care for them. This is most likely an example of what condition of trust? 



What is Ellipsis’s purpose and goal as an organization?

Ellipsis wants to be a place that provides care, development skill programs, and wants to build families together so their lives can move forward. As an organization, they want to help those in need of support and to take a great stride in their life.


To suffer a hope grown dim, to face into the future with dread and discouragement rather than confidence and optimistic conviction.

What is Despair?


What people of religious status or authority works with Ellipsis and the people seeking help from the group? 

Priests of different religious practices


What is Kiergaard's two main types of Despair? What are there branch offs? (one point for each sub category)


-finitude, infinity, necessity, and possibility


- weakness and defiance


What ally of hope might clients at Ellipsis need in order for them to sustain themselves as they wait for their hopes to be realized?



What programs does Ellipsis provide?

There are community and residential programs that are provided for those who may need it. The community programs include prevention and diversion programs and behavioral health support. The residential programs include crisis care, prevention care, and transition support.


What is Ellipsis?

Provider of resources to children and young adults, such as residential care and treatment, counseling and therapy, and family support.


What is Ellipsis's saying about how God is presented within the group? 

It's represented by the people who lend there help for those in vulnerable states. They are people "sent to do Gods work."


What is Paraphrasing? 

The act of saying back to the speaker in your own words what you heard the person say


When clients first arrive at Ellipsis, they often are hopeless with feelings of dread, anxiety, and suspicion of the future. After receiving resources from Ellipsis, clients can see the future as being?

Possible or open-ended


How can people support Ellipsis and their mission?

There are three ways to create opportunity which include going to explore events, giving a contribution, and helping take part in a community project. These opportunities make it easy and accessible to provide support through donations and volunteering time.


What is the primary mission of Ellipsis?

Provide opportunities for healing and growth and to create ways of success that last a lifetime.


What is an example of the people who are "Sent to do Gods work for him on Earth."

The priests, councilors, healthcare workers and doctors, volunteers, career councils, reassignment volunteers, social workers, etc 


What is Nonverbal communication? Why is it equally as important as words?

-Communication of the verbal style is completely cut off and the listener is left to on inferences, assumptions, and conjectures which may not have any reality base

- It is equally as important because people watch and interpret our facial expression, gestures, and everything in between. It helps us to communicate emotions and provide emotional support. 


Because Ellipsis sees many clients who have things in common, a group of people is meaningfully connected to form a ___________, which develops hope. 



What employment options does Ellipsis provide?

Ellipsis provides youth care worker positions whether that’s full or part time and therapist positions as well. The youth care workers must have good communication skills and be highly motivated. While, as a therapist shall possess leadership ability, good judgment and common sense.


What is despair of possibility?

Overwhelming feeling of despair due to the number of options to examine or focus on.


What religion does Ellipsis focus on or use primarily?

All of them. They use the religion that the individuals who are seeking help follow and if they don't they don't talk/use one at all. This is so no one feels pressured to believe a certain way. 


What is a Perception Check? 

Checking out your guess at another person's emotional state.


In order to encourage anxious clients to imagine their future and that their future is real, it may be beneficial for the staff at Ellipsis to use what kind of therapeutic technique to bypass the uncertainty of the future.

"As if" conversation


What values does Ellipsis hold themselves to?

Their four key values include being Compassionate, Tenacious, Real, and Consistent. Placing the well-being on the client while being authentic and confident is their mission. Also, while trying to be a place that is stable and reliable when clients desperately are in need of help.


Who is despairing clientele?

Domestic violence victims and there families


What is the purpose of God and other religious types being apart of Ellipsis? 

It offers hope to those who believe they have none left. It offers a higher power to help find the hope and possibility that can come after going through terrible things like domestic violence. God and other religious beings offer hope during the most vulnerable time of someones life. 


In the end of this class the real question is, is Despair sickness or sin? 

Up to interpretation. You truly decide the answer.