Standing in shoes
Reasons for feelings
Identify the feelings
Choosing Empathic Behaviors
Give the definition of empathy.
Putting yourself in someone's shoes, seeing things from another person's place
What would you do/say to the following person to stand in his/her shoes? Mary said that she's really upset because she forgot her homework at home and she's worried about getting a conduct mark.
I'd listen to Mary to see how I could help. I'd say that I would be sad too if I did my homework and forgot it. I'd also be upset to know that I'm getting a conduct mark. I'd offer to help Mary talk to the teacher to see if her parents can bring it so she won't get in trouble.
What could have happened to make a person feel nervous?
TAKS test, parents are late picking them up, they have to do a presentation in front of other people, running a race, etc...
Gina was in the cafeteria eating her lunch. She opened her milk container and it spilled all over her clothes. How might Gina feel?
embarrassed, uncomfortable, shy, nervous, sad, upset, ashamed
Your friend keeps getting teased and bullied on the playground. What should you do to show empathy?
A. You stay away so that you don't get teased. B. You join in with the teasing so you'll look cool. C. You stick up for your friend. D. You find another friend.

Which of the following words could be used to describe a person who shows empathy to others?

Kind Caring Understanding Respectful Polite

What would you do/say to the following person to stand in his/her shoes? John is upset because Billy said, "Aw man!" when the teacher asked Billy to work with John.
I'd say, "Billy, that was not a kind thing to say. John's a great person and you should treat him with kindness." I'd offer to be John's partner. I'd say to John, "I'm sorry Billy said that to you. I'd be upset too if someone did that to me."
What is something that could cause a person to feel scared?
the dark, being alone at home, being lost in a store, being around a bully, a scary movie, pranks/jokes, etc...
George asked Henry to please allow him to borrow a pencil. Henry said, "No way. I'll get your coodies." How do you think George might feel?
embarrassed, angry, upset, sad, shocked, hurt, frustrated, confused, depressed, surprised
Your friend can't find her social studies homework. What can you do to show empathy?
A. Give her a compliment on her new haircut. B. You walk away so she can find it herself. C. You laugh at her. D. You help her look for it.

Why is empathy important?

Helps understand the way other people are feeling and builds a stronger relationship

What would you do/say to the following person to stand in his/her shoes? Kathy won the Rodeo Art Contest out of all the kids in Pearland.
I'd say, "Wow Kathy! Congratulations on winning the contest! I'd be super excited if I were you too." "You are an awesome artist!" "That is so cool that you even beat all the kids in high school!"
What could cause someone to feel angry?
someone broke something of their's, they were made fun of, someone hit/kicked/hurt them, they had to miss recess, they were blamed for something they didn't do
Victor sold 100 items during the fundraiser and was picked to take a limo to Chuck E Cheese Pizza as his prize. How might Victor feel about this?
excited, happy, ecstatic, confident, shocked, surprised
Your best friend is really excited because he just got a really cool video game. It was a game that you had wanted. What could you say or do to show empathy?
A. You ask him if you can borrow it. B. You feel jealous so you change the subject so you don't have to talk about it. C. You go home and beg your parents to buy you one. D. You say, "That's great" and tell him he deserves getting such a cool game.
Which of the following words/phrases would an empathic (empathetic) person most likely say?
That doesn't make sense to me. I can see why you'd think that. Don't be upset. That should not have made you angry. I'd feel sad if that happened to me too.
What would you do/say to the following person to stand in his/her shoes? Tammy came over and invited all the girls in her class to her birthday party except for Misty.
I'd tell Tammy that she hurt Misty's feelings by not inviting her and that if she wanted me to come, she'd have to invite Misty also. I'd tell Misty that I'd feel lonely and left out too if all the other girls were invited and she wasn't. I'd ask my mom if Misty could come somewhere with me this weekend since she wasn't invited to Tammy's party.
What could cause someone to feel confident?
they were given a compliment, other students wanted to be their partner, they won a race, they did a good job on their test or other work, etc...
Kelly's little sister went into her room while she was at school and ripped the pages out of her favorite book. How might Kelly feel about this?
angry, frustrated, mad, sad, confused, shocked, furious,
Your friend is getting ready to go into the play-offs with her soccer team and she is pretty nervous. What can you say or do to show empathy?
A. You go hang out with another friend who is in a better mood. B. You say, "It's just soccer. Don't worry about it!" C. You tell her you understand how she feels because you were really nervous, too, before your big game last year. D. You tell her to "chill out and relax."

What are some do's and don'ts of showing empathy?

Do listen, try and understand what it's like for the other person, put yourself in his/her place, offer help or support. Don't ignore, tell him/her to not feel a certain way

What would you do/say to the following person to stand in his/her shoes? Julio is really shy and feels so nervous to get up and talk in front of the class. He also learned English when he moved to the country a few years ago and doesn't feel that he can speak as well as the other kids in his class.
I'd tell Julio that I'd be nervous to speak in front of a lot of people too in a language that I just learned a few years ago. I'd ask Julio if he'd like to practice speaking with me so I could help him get more comfortable. I'd tell my teacher, with his permission, that he gets nervous and see if she has other ideas to help him.
What is something that could make someone feel jealous?
Their parents give more attention to their brother or sister, they didn't win a game, someone else's parent came to eat lunch and their's didn't, their teacher picked someone else to be the leader, etc...
Chris was determined to make a good grade on his spelling test so he studied every day after school for 45 minutes. He made an 89 on his spelling test. How might Chris feel about this?
angry, upset, confused, shocked, sad, mad, embarrassed, ashamed, disappointed, proud, happy, hopeless, hopeful
Your mother comes home from work stressed out from a hard day. What could you say or do to show empathy?
A. Invite some friends over. B. You set the table and help her get dinner ready. C. You whine about her being grumpy. D. You turn up the tv.