Subjects & Predicates
Subject Verb Agreement
Gabriel Garcia Marquez/ Latin American Lit

What is the SUBJECT in the sentence? 

What is the WHAT or WHO, that performs the action or the thing that is being described in the sentence? 


What letter do singular verbs end with? 

What is -s?


With inferences your answer choices will usually be ____ stated in the texted? & What is another definition used for inference?

a) directly 

b) indirectly 

c) commonly 

d) obviously 

What is 

1) B

2) def= making an assumption using prior knowledge and the text, reading in between the lines 


Who was Gabriel Marquez? Where was he from? What is his middle name? 

What is 

1) a Latin American Author 

2) Columbia 

3) Garcia 


Complete the following sentence. 

Vignettes usually put their main focus on the.....

a) plot 

b) characters 

c) setting 

What is B or the characters? 


What is the PREDICATE in the sentence? 

What is the sentence that contains the verb and provides other information about the subject? 


Complete the following sentence: 

"The subject of the sentence will never be found .....

What is "in the prepositional phrase?"


Which sentence suggests that Joanna rode her bike to school? 

a) Joanna's hair was a little messy when she got to school. 

b) Joanna went four blocks on her way to school. 

c) Joanna crossed three streets on her way to school. 

d) Joanna had to put her helmet inside the classroom closet.

What is D or Joanna had to put her helmet inside the classroom closet? 


What are the 4 main population groups? Describe to me the subcategories of any of the groups if any. 

What is 

Indian (Native American), White, Black, and Mixed Heritage 

Mixed Heritage: Mestizo= Indian & White, Mulatto= Black & White 


True or False: If false correct the statement. 

A vignette contains all the elements of a plot diagram. 

What is false, it lacks parts of the plot diagram? 


Identify the simple predicate in the following sentence: 

"The dog barked loudly." 

What is barked? 


Identify the subject(s) in the following sentence and the prepositional phrase(s) : 

In the fall, pumpkin and corn are in season.

What is

1) subjects: pumpkin, corn 

2) prepositional phrase: in the fall, in season


Mike had fun hiking in the wood and doing crafts. He also really enjoyed the campfire sing-a long and had made a lot of new friends. Still, he was glad that tomorrow he would be going home. Where is Mike? 

What is at camp? 

Who was Gabriel Marquez's familial influence? literary influence? 

What accolade did he win? 

Who is 

1) familial influence= maternal grandfather 

2) literary influence= Franz Kafka 

3) Nobel Prize 


What is a vignette? 

What is a  short, descriptive piece of literature that captures a scene, moment, or character OR a "snapshot" of a moment?


A simple subject is usually what part of speech? 

What is a noun or pronoun? 


What subject does the verb need to agree with when a subject is being joined by OR or NOR?

What is the subject closest to the verb?


Joseph and Caitilin were choosing players for their teams . Its was Caitins turn to choose, and only Jason was left. Caitiin said, "Jason." 

We can infer....

What is Jason was not a very good player?


How many siblings did Gabriel Marquez have? Who was he raised by up until he was 8 years old? When he returned to Columbia in 1981 why did he leave immediately? Which theme is Gabriel Marquez known most for in his literature? 

What is 

1) 11 (12 children including him) 

2) his maternal grandparents 

3) he was accused of funding a guerilla group 

4) magical realism


How does the "story time" length in a vignette differ from a short story or novel? 

What is "a vignette is usually told capturing seconds/minutes to hours while a short story or novel can capture from days to years" ? 


Identity the simple subject, complete subject, simple predicate and complete predicate for the following sentence: (1 min) 

Her tiny suitcase has wheels. 

What is 

1) simple subject: suitcase

2) complete subject: her tiny suitcase

3) simple predicate: has 

4) complete predicate: has wheels


The chefs at the French restaurant ____  prepping for dinner service.  

What is are or were ? 


What is the MOST important thing needed when making an inference? 

What is EVIDENCE to support your reasoning?


What are the 6 common themes found in Latin American literature? 

What is 

1) family and relationship loyalties 

2) poverty 

3) gender roles 

4) social protest & exploitation 

5) religion 

6) magical realism 


List the three characteristics used to describe a vignette.

What is short, descriptive, focused? 

(will also take evocative language)